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Building a list is the LEAST of your problems…

Building a list is the LEAST of your problems… Whenever people ask me what the main thing they need to be focused on when it comes to building their online business is, I tell them 3 things (which they usually completely get wrong.) One) Prolific Impactful Content Two) List Building and Email Marketing Three) Continuity They hear that […]

Ducks in a row…

Ducks in a row… Just a quick one for you this morning.   I should set the scene.  It’s about 6:40 AM as I write this.  I’m 47 and I spent my 20’s and 30’s (like many men) abusing my back in various activities (moving heavy furniture, sports, work, etc…) …so that now as I try […]

Flying under the radar…

A lot of people didn’t realize this because it’s flying under the radar a little bit, but for the last month or so I’ve been walking every day.   While on these walks, through the snow and cold and whatever else this crazy Ohio weather wants to throw at me… I’ve been pulling out my phone […]

The Art of Purposefully Unscalable Entrepreneurship

Purposefully unscalable… It was family movie night at my house last night, and what were we watching? On The Beach.  It’s from 1959 and it’s black and white.  I suppose you could call it science fiction? The movie is about the months after War World 3.    Australia is the only place on the planet […]

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