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Building a list is the LEAST of your problems…


Building a list is the LEAST of your problems…

Whenever people ask me what the main thing they need to be focused on when it comes to building their online business is, I tell them 3 things (which they usually completely get wrong.)

One) Prolific Impactful Content

Two) List Building and Email Marketing

Three) Continuity

They hear that advice and you know what they do?

They say, “Okay I’ll put out free content to build a list first.  Then later I’ll worry about continuity.”   Essentially they say to themselves…

…it all starts with building a list.  They hyper focus on it.

They do this because I’m not the only one who mentions list building and email marketing.  Most people who know what the hell they are doing mention these things because they work.

They call that the “Social Default Effect.”  Just doing it because that’s what everybody else is doing and you don’t want to think too much about it yourself.  A lot of that going around these days, LOL.


…this isn’t a paint by numbers deal.  You don’t “focus on list building” first and THEN move on to other stuff.  I mean, just think about it a little bit deeper for a minute.

The best kind of leads you can get are buyer leads.  How do you get them if you aren’t selling anything because you’re just focused on list building first…

…and once you have your almighty list, THEN you are going to create and sell something.   That’s “newbie talk” right there.

Listen, building a list is not step one.  It’s like a frame in which all other steps operate. 


I’m going to launch a low-ticket product (with a primary intention of building my list and a secondary intention of being profitable)

I’m going to start a YouTube channel (with a primary intention of building my list and a secondary intention of building an audience on this popular platform)

I’m going to run a podcast (with a primary intention of growing my list and a secondary intention of strengthening the relationship with  my existing list.)

Everything is framed around the idea of growing and maintaining your email list.  So we aren’t talking about your first step here.  Like I said, it’s more like the reason any of the steps are even existing.

Want to launch a product?  Don’t let not having a list stop you.  Building infrastructure is a good thing.  Having assets under your brand is a good thing.  

Understand that the product probably won’t sell as well when you don’t have a list or a following behind you.  However, the product can be used to grow that following.

The same can hold true for anything else you do online, but the point is that you shouldn’t consider building a list step 1 or 2 or 3 or any other step…

…it’s bigger than that.  Thinking like that is the same kind of paint by numbers Bull Sh*t that the “5 Dolla Launch Lords” of W+ want you to believe. 

List building is not a step.  

It’s a way of life, if you want to do online business.

Some of you reading this understand what I am saying is true, and want to learn more about my list building, anti-paint-by-numbers ways.  If that’s you…

…the best place to do that is in my Weekly Mentorship Club.  

Now fair warning.  A few reasons you don’t belong in my club:

One) This club is expensive

Two) It’s not for newbies who are still looking for Willie Wonka’s golden ticket (i.e. the easy money button)

Three) It’s not for people who are afraid of a monthly fee.  You’re already paying monthly fees if you have electric, heat, phone, cable, etc.  The question is if you think that getting the help you need to get your business actually making money is worth a monthly fee.  It really comes down to how serious you are about your goals.

Four) It’s not for people who aren’t doing anything.  My club isn’t a magic remedy for motivation and action taking.  I don’t teach ambition.  You need to be honest with yourself about what you want to do.

Five) It’s not for people who want to be sucked in by over the top promises on sales pages.  That’s not what this is.  That’s not what I do.  The things I teach are based on things that have worked for me over the years.  Things that make me money and keep me sustainable.  IF your goal is to make money online and do it sustainably, this is a good club for you.  If not, then not.

All that being said…

…and getting back to the point.  List Building is the least of your problems.  It’s a given that everything should be built around the goal of growing and maintaining your list…

…and if you didn’t understand that until this email?

Then list building is the least of your problems.


P.S. A link to my mentorship club.

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