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Flying under the radar…


A lot of people didn’t realize this because it’s flying under the radar a little bit, but for the last month or so I’ve been walking every day.  

While on these walks, through the snow and cold and whatever else this crazy Ohio weather wants to throw at me…

I’ve been pulling out my phone and recording simple videos about marketing.

It was kind of an accident really.  When I started the show, I wasn’t planning on starting a new free show.  It was a very spontaneous deal.  But anyways, it’s about 26 days in now, and I have no idea how long I’ll keep recording them.

But the podcast is called:

Thoughts on a Walk

And I have been uploading new episodes pretty much every day.  So if you are into that kind of thing, check it out.

What do I talk about on the show?  More specifically than marketing?

Well, here are the titles of all the shows I’ve done so far:

So hopefully that gives you an idea of what the show is about.   Don’t ask me what I’m doing with all the “About…” titles.  

I’m just doing it that way, maybe to be different, maybe because in a world of A.I. generated titles the simple title stands out, I don’t know.  

That’s just how I’m rolling right now.

In other news, just put on a great call with Epic Conversions Weekly Mentorship Club last night.  It went for about 2 hours and essentially what I did was teach them…

five email styles that I have used to get great conversions on promotions.  These are five that I have actually never taught before so that was pretty cool.

I picked a random product (not mine) and wrote the 5 email campaign showing them how exactly I would approach it to get sales on the offer.  Each email incorporated one of the five styles I wanted to teach them.

Great call.  We’ll have to revisit that concept in a few months but I just wanted to let you know.  The replay on that call in in the ECWM (Epic Conversions Weekly Mentorship…)

I’m not going to link to it here. If you want to join my weekly mentorship club, it’s easy to find.  Just go to EpicConversions.com and scroll down to the bottom of the page.  You will find a link.

And if you can’t find it, you don’t belong there anyway.  Making money online is harder than that.  Not trying to be mean, just being honest.

That’s all I got!  Have an awesome weekend!


P.S. Gotcha again!  No PS. Today.  Ha!  The joke that never gets old!  You love it!

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