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Overwhelmed by the elephant…


Overwhelmed by the elephant…

Creighton Williams Abrams Jr. was a United States Army General who led an illustrious military career spanning over 42 years, from his early days as a cadet at West Point to becoming Chief of Staff of the United States Army. 

He was a veteran of three wars, commanding the 4th Armored Division in World War II, and provided invaluable leadership during the Korean War, as well as in the Vietnam War.

I mean heck, I’m lucky if I can get my KIDS to listen to me half the time…so serving in 3 wars?  Commanding thousands of soldiers?  That’s pretty good in my book, lol…but anyways…

His leadership brought about a lot of improvements in the Army’s effectiveness and morale during a challenging period of downsizing and their transition to an all-volunteer force.

And you might not have heard of him.  I get that.

But I bet you have heard of the tank they named after him…

The M1 Abrams.  A pretty iconic vehicle/weapon but…

None of that is why I bring up Creighton William Abrams Jr. today.

You see, he’s also credited with saying something else that I’ve been thinking a lot about.  He said:

“When eating an elephant, take one bite at a time.”  – Creighton William Abrams Jr.

Just one bite at a time.  I always remind myself of that this time of year.  January is a busy month for me here at Epic Conversions.

Seems like I always make a lot of plans in the months leading up to the new year, and then January hits and I have made a WHOLE bunch of new work for myself.

Ultimately, I am excited.  However, in the moment…it’s tough to feel like you have a bout a thousand things to get done.  Almost like you don’t even know where to begin.

Maybe you can relate?

The good news for someone like me is that I have been here before.  The cold, uncomfortable terrain of breaking new ground.  Moving in new directions.

It’s exciting, yet not comfortable.  There is uncertainty and unknown variables.  Epic Conversions is going to be publishing 6 print books this year, and a quarterly print newsletter for one of my membership clubs.

Speaking of those clubs…

You might or might not have noticed that they are not currently accepting new members.  The reason for that is simple.

The clubs are being rebranded over the next few days.

ECIC Discounts will become Epic Conversions Newsletter Club.

ECIC Group Calls will become Epic Conversions Weekly Mentorship Club

ECIC Archives will become Epic Conversions Archives. 

Frankly, I have a lot to do this month.  And today I was kind of just throwing my hands up in the air like…where the heck do I even begin here?

But you know what ol’ Creighton Abrams would say…

One bite at a time, my friend.  One bite at a time.

I’m not sure if this message helps you today or not.  I really don’t, but I felt compelled to talk to you about it, so I have learned to trust my gut in situations like this.

Seems like whenever that happens, usually, someone else needs to hear that message as well.  If that’s you out there…

…then just remember, you aren’t alone.  There are a lot of us “just one bite at a time” folks out there, getting through it.

You’ll get there.  Just don’t give up.  Aim for the stars, hit the moon.  

I’ll see you in the next one!


P.S. I got my homepage redesigned.  Check, lol.  And of course, you might or might not know about the new little podcast I started (not sure how long it will go.)  Thoughts on a walk. And then obviously..it goes without saying, if you are reading this somewhere else besides in your email inbox…you owe it to yourself to sign up for my free newsletter at epicconversions.com!


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