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Epic Conversions releases a new product every month.

They generally launch at 7 to 10 bucks and then after the first 4 days they go to their regular retail price of $27.00. These are great products, and worth every penny.

But still, what if we could give them to you at a fraction of the cost?

What if on top of that we could also throw in “Insider Extras” like actionable weekly content and monthly live mentoring calls?

What would that be worth to you?

Well, here at Epic Conversions, our motto is undercharge and overdeliver.  

See, if I charge you $10 for something, I want you to get at LEAST $20 in value.  In many cases much more.

So what do we charge to get brand new actionable content every week on the hottest traffic driving, lead generation, customer converting, and audience building well as a free monthly live group mentoring call where you can get all your questions answered? 

$47 a month. Cancel anytime.

What’s the catch? The catch is simple. The Epic Conversions Insider’s Club has a 3 month active rotation. What that means is that you only deal with the most recent, most relevant, latest 3 releases from Epic Conversions. When the next month comes around, the oldest month drops off.

Doing it this way, keeps the information and products in the members area relevant and fresh. It also prevents information overload and allows me to keep the membership rate extremely low at $47 per month.