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I confess…I never had ambitions of being an internet marketer. For the better part of my adult life I wanted to be a professional musician (aka rock star). And for a time, I sort of got to do that. I played in a lot of bands and wrote a lot of songs……the only problem was I never really made much money. And that was just fine with me for a while…but when my son was born I started seeing things differently.Thinking about someone else besides yourself will do that for you.I got into internet marketing to learn how to sell my music so that I could make money with it. The funny thing was, the more I learned about marketing, the more I loved marketing and started to realize that it was a rough time to make money with music.So that was how my love affair with marketing began. But…let’s be honest…I will always have a soft spot in my heart for music. Always have that little voice in the back of my head saying, “What if…”One of my favorite parts of being so close to music for all those years was discovering those amazing B-Sides from your favorite bands that you never really heard about but were like jewels in the ruff when you found them.I always loved the idea of finding absolute gold in places where no one else was looking…So what the heck does any of that have to do with you though? I mean how the heck can my crappy failed music career help you start making money online.I’ll tell you!I might not be deep into music anymore…but why couldn’t I have my own collection of B-Sides? No reason right? I have a ton of courses and trainings that never really got public release.Why not put them out for people? A collection of amazing B-Sides…This collection of 27 courses and trainings has been brought together because I have put out a lot of great products JUST AS bonuses, or JUST AS Insider’s Club exclusives, or JUST AS something else that I never even released at the last second for whatever reason.These were great courses that really helped the small amount of people that saw them, but they never really got their chance to shine. Simply put, they never really got put out there for sale. Most people couldn’t have enjoyed them…even if they wanted to. So The Epic Conversions’ B-Sides was born. And honestly…it’s a massive amount of material. I proudly present to you today…


1. Swim With The Current, Stand Like a Rock

Swim with the Current, Stand Lik A Rock is a collection of 10 stories around the subjects of motivation, inspiration and failure. Stories like Lucky me…(or life in the online middle class), Man on Fire, and Shooters Gonna Shoot are full of real world experience in the IM game.  These 10 original stories from Kam Jennings are designed to motivate, inspire, and help you learn from his failures and successes so that you will always have your mindset right and your energy high for maximum efficiency!

You Will Also Get…

2. Enter the Foundation

Enter the Foundation is a step by step video training that will have you building an audience, driving traffic, and creating a large group of loyal customers using free facebook marketing tactics so that you can finally start getting real results online!  If you ever wanted to get started making money online but had no money to get started…this is your chance!

And you will Receive…

3. 69 Ways to Easily Create Content on Youtube

This is a 54 minute “man on fire” video course that is going to give you 69 different ways to effortlessly create content for your youtube channel so that you never get caught not knowing what to publish again!  Watch this and your switch will be flipped on for good with easy and fresh content ideas for video!

Plus you will get...

4. The audience kings

Audience Kings is an impactful video course that walks you through that ever elusive topic of how to build an audience of loyal customers who wait to buy from you as soon as you release anything!  Audience Kings was a prequel to the major Epic Conversions’ release “The Offer Kings.”

You Will Also Get...

5. Profitable Info Product In 90 Minutes

Many times creating a product that will actually make you money feels like a daunting task.  From coming up with an idea that makes sense, to actually recording the high quality videos or writing the high quality report…it feels way too time consuming. It doesn’t have to be though.   PIPI90 Walks you through how to create a profitable information product in 90 minutes or less so that you can finally start making money online!  

You Also get…


One of the first problems that people face when trying to make money online is usually answering that intimidating questions, “What niche should I be in that will give me a chance to make money AND be enjoyable?”  NC2017 is a video course that walks you through finding profitable niches that you can infiltrate, take over succeed with! 

Plus You Get...

7. Mega Effective Video Ads

Mega Effective Video Ads is a deep dive video course that fully examines 10 extremely effective video ads on the youtube platform.  The what, the why, and the how of these mega successful ads so that you can replicate their success and crush it on youtube with paid advertising!

And You Get...

8. THE TEN By FIVE Method

This is the Ten By Five Method of Product Creation!  This method of product creation is so simple it can literally have you creating a course an hour.  It’s literally that powerful.  With an easy video walk-through of the strategy you will be up and running with your product creation instantly! 

You Will Also Receive...

9. Content Fuel: 10 Ways to Turn Stupidity Into Money

10 Ways to Turn Stupidity Into Money!  The title says it all.  This video training is going to teach you how to turn all those bad purchases and courses that you never took action on into cold hard cash and massive authority!  Just imagine for a second what it might be like to have 10 ways to turn every single flop of a course or product that didn’t work out for you…into a win for you?  That’s what you will get when you use the tactics in Content Fuel!

Additionally You get…

10. ZeroFatz’S Whatever Video Marketing

This under the radar video training is over an hour of rock solid video training.  The Whatever Video Marketing style is going to teach you 10 stupidly easy video ideas that ANYONE can do that are going to build trust, inspire people, and flat out make you money!


11. Cult Marketing Manifesto

This underground infamous video training was only released as a bonus and never truly available to buy publicly. It will teach you how to employ the most effective, most powerful, most jaw dropping cult tactics to be applied to marketing so that you can build a massive audience of loyal rabid customers eager to buy anything you release!


12. The Affiliate Agenda

6 Days, 6 Videos, $739 BUCKS!  The Affiliate Agenda is a affiliate marketing video training that is going to teach you the mega effective Zero Blanket video marketing affiliate strategy so that you can start making money online using the proven art of affiliate marketing with video! 

As well as…

13. TriForce Marketing System

The Triforce Marketing System is a complete marketing system taught over 12 modules that takes advantage of product launching, affiliate marketing and list building in such a way as to maximise your profits and have you earning consistent and sustainable online income!  This one will have you looping the WarriorPlus Network for Maximum Profits!

You Will Also Get…

14. Shoot The Gift

Shoot The Gift is a video case study on how to get your first podcast started for free and build an audience while doing so. This is step by step, over the shoulder training.  This is going to allow you to tap into the marketing potential of the podcast listener demographic so that you can grow your business to new levels!

Also you will be Receiving…

15. The Kennedy Kern VSL Templates With Training

These are the very same VSL templates that I used to launch several 4 and 5 figure product launches. Not only will you get the actual templates, but you will also get a complete video walk through of what each part of the template is there for and why! This will allow you to rinse and repeat everything in your own words over and over again to massive conversions!!! 

as well as...

16. The Secret Life of Kam Fatz

90 pages of originally written articles by Kam Jennings, designed to teach, inspire, motivate and elevate you to the NEXT LEVEL! This is straight killer, no filler, boss level thinking, coming at you at the speed of the written word! You will come out of this book a changed individual!

You Will Also Get...

17. The Uncanny Emailer

How to stand out, get more opens, and get more sales through email!  The Uncanny Emailer is a video course that is designed to teach you email marketing strategies that flat out work! If you have been around the internet marketing space for any length of time you already know that email is the key and the Uncanny Emailer is going to teach you those under the radar tactics so that you can take your email marketing to huge profits!


18. How to Stop Sucking At JV Recruitment and Get More Affiliates

This little underground video training is a hidden gem of a case study.  Another “bonus only” release that has never before been available to the general public. It’s going to teach you the exact affiliate recruitment tactics that I used to drive a 5 figure product launch so that you can rinse and repeat them on your own product launches!


19. SEVEN Proven Business Models That Have Worked For Me

This under the radar case study is 7 modules worth of real world experience and pure value.  It’s going to walk you step by step through not 1, not 2, but SEVEN different business models that I have taken to profit and proven to work personally. You will come out of this video training with your mind on FIRE with ideas about what you can do to make money!

As well as…

20. The Simple Little Guide To Starting A Free Business

“The Simple Little Guide” is a 3 email autoresponder E-Course that is designed to educate your list on how to start a simple online business for absolutely free! This email sequence will lend itself well to promoting any online business system out there as it will be extremely easy to segue the knowledge in these emails into a simple pitch for a product.

You Will Also Get...

21. Emails That Convert

Emails that Convert is a 3 video training on the fine art of Email Marketing. From getting the open, to getting the click, to getting the sale…it’s all inside Emails That Convert! This is top notch email marketing training so that you can maximise your revenue generating emails!


22. BRAND: Private Labeling and Amazon

BRAND is a 10 part series on how to build your very own Amazon Private Label Empire. I paid an expert who had done just that, a thousand dollars to write these articles for me. This is 10,000 words of well written content, with a deep knowledge and understanding of how to buy goods overseas, re-brand them and sell on the Amazon marketplace.


23. Zero To Super Affiliate in 30 Days

Zero to Super Affiliate is going to teach you a step by step system for going from absolute beginner to flat out SUPER AFFILIATE in 30 days! A real deal blueprint.  Is it even possible?  It is for some people.  Watch this eye opening “below the fold” video series to find out!

You Will Also be getting…

24. The Crypto Primer

Have you thought about getting into cryptocurrencies but just didn’t know enough about it or weren’t sure where to start?  Well, I just solved that for you. With this fantastic little Crypto Primer, you are going to go from absolute newbie in the Crypto game to actually being able to make intelligent buying and selling decisions in this new highly profitable world of cryptocurrencies!

as well as…

25. Breaking Down The Learn Out Loud Club

Ever want to know how to start a simple membership program when you are brand new and don’t know anything about anything? How about one that practically takes care of the content itself and doesn’t require a bunch of work and knowledge to get started or maintain? That’s exactly what we tackle in “Breaking Down the Learn Out Loud Club” so that you can start getting your recurring income going from the beginning!

You Will Also Get…

26. TWENTY Ways To Get More People Watching and Recommending Your YouTube Videos

Have you ever thought about starting a youtube channel or have a youtube channel but were not sure how to grow it?  Well that’s exactly what we talk about in this easy to consume special report pinpointing down 20 highly impactful ways to grow your subscriber base on youtube! No filler, all killer, straight gold nugget content here so that you can hit the ground running on the second most popular website in the world!

Plus you will be getting…


This easy to consume 23 minute video training is going to walk you through my exact 4 pillar blueprint for easily creating effective no brainer lead magnets that will flat out get you more leads so that you can be building that insanely important email list faster than ever!

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All training products released by Epic Conversions are covered under the following guarantee:Use the methods taught within the product for 30 days. If you do not get results as taught, contact me for a full refund. You will be required to show proof that you have used my methods as taught.Contact me here: kamjenningspro@gmail.comEPIC CONVERSIONS DOES NOT GIVE REFUNDS ON THE FOLLOWING:1. NON Training products that have PLR or personal use rights attached to them (I.E. a series of emails or articles)2. Service based products such as coaching or consulting

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