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Congratulations on your Purchase! I wanted you to know about this!

The Ultimate Substack Package...

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For those who want the ULTIMATE PACKAGE at the BEST price...you want


This will give you instant access to:

Deeper Into Substack [w/PLR license] - AN additional 24 unbranded lessons that go even deeper into the subject of Substack!  You'll be getting:



- FULL transcriptions

- AND cover art on this course!

In addition to that though

you will also be getting instant access to…

Guru in a Box [w/PLR license]- 100 audio IM lessons taught with personality from Kam Jennings!  Cover art included!

Guru in a Box Videos [w/PLR license]- Video counterparts to all 100 Guru in a Box lessons!

Guru in a Box Transcriptions [w/PLR license] - First time offered, transcriptions to the 100 ground breaking Guru in a Box lessons!

103 Email Swipes [w/PLR license]103 Email Swipes that are proven to make money and have been written by Kam Jennings personally. These 103 emails come with a PLR license and are a great asset!

24 Lessons With Sean Mize [w/PLR license]- This is 24 additional audio lessons on internet marketing, taught by the legendary Sean Mize himself.  These lessons include:

-24 plus full audio lessons

-Transcriptions on every lesson

-COver art for every lesson

-Master Resale Rights License on every lesson


Now listen, we can agree that this package is completely, and utterly outrageous.  With all this value and PLR goodness slammed into ONE PACKAGE...this is truly the...

ULTIMATE Substack Package

And to be fair, this is HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS worth of training and content.  But let's make it EVEN BETTER!  

I want to charge you less than a $100 bucks for this Package.  BUT I want to make it even BETTER...

I don't want you to PAY A SINGLE PENNY for all this goodness today.

That's right.  Pay Nothing today...  

And then split it up into 2 easy payments of $49.97.  

Again, pay nothing for 30 days, then be charged the first $49.97, and finally the second installment of $49.97, 30 days after that.  Nice and easy.



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Refund Policy:

Epic Conversions does NOT give refunds on PLR products.  Make sure you read and/or watch sales page and video and know exactly what you are buying before you purchase.

Feel free to email me with any questions you might have about this product before purchase:

Contact me here: kamjenningspro@gmail.com