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So maybe the MAX DEAL Affiliate Opportunity was a little pricey for you today?  

I completely understand.  I’d still like to give you an opportunity to take advantage of my proven Newsletters On Substack sales funnel…

With the…


PLUS DEAL Affiliate Opportunity

You will get a 25% boost in commissions through my ENTIRE SALES FUNNEL!  Wow!


– 100% on Newsletters On Substack

– 75% on rest of Funnel!

– Fast Tracked Affiliate Approval!

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Refund Policy:

All training products released by Epic Conversions are covered under the following guarantee:Use the methods taught within the product for 30 days. If you do not get results as taught, contact me for a full refund. You will be required to show proof that you have used my methods as taught.Contact me here: kamjenningspro@gmail.comEpic Conversions does NOT give refunds on the following:1. NON Training products that have PLR or personal use rights attached to them (I.E. a series of emails or articles)2. Service based products such as coaching or consulting or opportunity based products such as 100% commission through a sales funnel

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