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The Funnel

The Product

Frontend (75% Commissions)

Mystic Mailer Pro is a toolbox of goodies for would be Email Marketers, that includes DFY emails, List Building and Email Marketing training, and 10 free pieces of cloud based software to help get you fast maximum results with email marketing! v DFY and Software is very popular right now and I expect this high value toolbox to convert amazingly well at the price.

OTO1 (50% Commissions)

OTO1 is PLR license on all of the written DFY emails inside the Mystic Mailer Toolbox, so that customers will not only be able to use the written content, but also package it up and sell it as an asset.  At the price this is going to be a no brainer for customers.

DS1 (50% Commissions Recurring)

DS1 is the Epic Conversions Insider's Club.  It's my monthly low ticket membership program that gives members, group coaching,  a brand new IM product every single month, and keeps them up to date on the newest tips, tricks and info in the IM space.

OTO2 (50% Commissions)

OTO2 is PLR license to the 2 major training modules in the Mystic Mailer Pro toolbox, which are in fact legitimate courses in and of themselves.  League of List Builders and Affiliate Fire.  This is going to give customers the chance to acquire these assets.  DFY is hot right now and this DFY video package is going to convert extremely well. 

DS2 (50% Commissions)

DS2 presents another PLR package.  This time with 4 DFY courses on the subject of digital product launching.  This is going to be an amazing opportunity for customers to acquire 4 more high quality assets at a bargain price.  Expect conversions to be skyrocketing on this!

OTO3 (50% Commissions)

OTO3 offers customers a Max Level Affiliate Status.  It's the chance to promote Mystic Mailer Pro as an affiliate at 100% commissions through the entire funnel.   This will also include a live affiliate marketing workshop to teach best how to promote the funnel.   I expect this to do very well.

DS3 (50% Commissions)

DS3 offers customers who passed up on OTO3 a Pro Level Affiliate Status.  They will get 100% affiliate commissions on the front end and 75% through the rest of the funnel.  They will also be given the live workshop on the best ways to promote this funnel.  I believe most people who pass up on OTO3 will snag this one for the extreme value.

The Prizes 

4 Day Affiliate Power Contest

Kam Jennings

Minimum of 25 Front End Sales required to be eligible for contest prizes.  All prizes will be based on TOTAL OVERALL UNITS SOLD and ties will be decided by revenue generated.  No teams allowed.  Every man or woman for themselves!  Good luck all!

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