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The Funnel

The Product

Frontend (75% Commissions)

Mesolimbic Marketing is a 5 step system that for engineering content that has a high probability of getting shared by influential people. The system goes on to show you how to use this content to generate income online.

OTO1 (50% Commissions)

OTO1 is a 360 DEAL on Mesolimbic Marketing.  This is going to give people not only PLR rights to the course, but also give them 100% affiliate commissions through my entire Mesolimbic Marketing funnel.  There are only 25 of these, so severely limited.  At the price and scarcity it's an excellent value for this kind of package.

DS1 (50% Commissions Recurring)

DS1 is the Epic Conversions Insider's Club.  It's my monthly low ticket membership program that gives members, group coaching,  a brand new IM product every single month, and keeps them up to date on the newest tips, tricks and info in the IM space.

OTO2 (50% Commissions)

OTO2 is Epic Conversions' 90 Day Continuity Workshop.  This is taught by me personally, and is a 90 day live interactive workshop that has a goal of taking you from absolute newbie to running your own profitable membership program in 90 days.  It includes weekly live group training calls, live Q&A sessions, and also each student gets 5 one on one coaching calls to use whenever they like as lifelines.  It's an incredible package at the price.

DS2 (50% Commissions)

DS2 takes away the live portion and the individual coaching calls of the Continuity Workshop and offers the replays on the Training sessions as well as email coaching.  It's a great custom package at the price for those who would like to get the benefit of the Continuity Workshop but can't quite fit it into their budget.  

The Prizes 

4 Day Affiliate Power Contest

Kam Jennings

Minimum of 25 Front End Sales required to be eligible for contest prizes.  All prizes will be based on TOTAL OVERALL UNITS SOLD and ties will be decided by revenue generated.  No teams allowed.  Every man or woman for themselves!  Good luck all!

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