The Best Way to Write a Sales Letter (according to robots)
Here is an article that was written entirely by an artificial intelligence. Sales letters are an integral part of any[...]
5 Reasons this matters more…
5 Reasons this matters more…   So last night I started promoting a product by Kevin Fahey called, Productivity Made Simple and I[...]
Cog in the machine
Are you a cog in the machine? “...behavior will not change just because we shift support but powerful corporations ultimately[...]
3 Under The Radar Traffic Sources For You
3 Under the Radar traffic sources for you… So as you might know, I am currently promoting Lee Murray’s DONE[...]
All good things…
All good things… Have you ever had a chance to do something great or get something special, but to take[...]
A Tale of Two Jokers…
A tale of two jokers… Have you ever watched a movie or read a book that you acknowledged as a[...]

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