An Original 14 Email Newsletter About 24 Under The Radar Traffic Sources! 

(launching 28th of March 2023 through 31st of March 2023)  

After that the Price Will Go From $7.99 to $15.99

A JV Page For Affiliates...


Thanks for your interest in promoting this Epic Conversions product.  

To be approved to promote you must fill out your ThriveCart profile as completely as you can (even those social media links at the bottom.)

I want to give new affiliates a chance and I want to give established affiliates who I don't currently know, a chance to promote my products.

While 99% of all affiliates just want to get approved and do some honest affiliate marketing...

...there is that 1% out there who are interested in fraud.  

There is a risk involved for the product vendor in taking on affiliates.  You have to trust that they won't misrepresent your product or that they won't commit fraud.

So my view on this is that to give the 99% of honest affiliates a chance and to discourage the 1% of dishonest people from signing up as affiliates for my products, there has to be some trust passed to each other.

You trust me with extra profile information, and I trust you not to commit fraud promoting my products.  It's a compromise. 

Epic Conversions will not approve affiliates who I don't personally know if they don't have much of their profile information filled out.  Thank you.  


We go live March 28th at 1:00 AM EST.

The Funnel...

The Product...

  • FE (75% commissions) - Free Traffic Resources:VOL2 is a 14 email unbranded newsletter about 24 under-the-radar traffic sources. Throughout the email series, tips and tactics on how to drive traffic from multiple sources that often go overlooked by most.  This unique newsletter is a breath of fresh air that reveals unique traffic sources that can potentially get you hundreds, thousands and even millions of visitors. If you have less experienced people in your audience who could use a new look on an important subject, this is it!  It comes with a custom affiliate program black book, an instructional video on how to use the emails, a FULL PLR license, and more... 
  • OTO1 (50% commissions) - The Epic Conversions Legacy Newsletter Bundle is 12 Unique and Original Newsletters, 172 Emails, Over 115,750 Words on Multiple Subjects Regarding Online Business and Money Getting. An official Private Label Rights License on ALL OF IT!!!
    OTO2 (50% commissions) - Inbox Advantage Masterclass - 12 video modules on how to do REAL email marketing, all killer no filler, from the trenches training from a real email marketer who has been doing it for YEARS, so that you can FINALLY start seeing ACTUAL results online!
    OTO3 (50% commissions) -  Outsider's Edge Masterclass - 7 video modules on how to create Ugly Sales Pages easily that CONVERT amazingly well! Saves time, energy, and MONEY!
  • OTO4 (50% commissions) - The Legendary Licensing: PLR Biz Workshop - 10 video modules on how I create PLR content easily that sells amazingly well, so that you can replicate my process and start seeing results for yourself!
  • OTO5 (50% commissions) - Saber Launch System: Accelerated - 19 video modules on how I create and launch profitable low ticket offers on the Warrior Plus platform regularly and how you can do the same thing, EVEN with no influence or no email list!

The Product DEMO VIDEO...



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