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Come Join Us On Friday June 30th at 9am EST for Another Fantastic Launch With Over $125/sale plus recurringand $350 In Affiliate Prizes

We Go Live on Friday June 30th at 9am

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The Funnel


The Product

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Frontend (100% Commissions)

Free Funnels is a 4 module video presentation showing your audience how to set up a complete sales funnel totally free.  Everything from product creation to free autoresponder to free website builder is covered in this excellent resource! I expect conversions to be extremely high at this price! 

OTO1 (50% Commissions)

OTO1 is the Free Funnels: Over the Shoulder Video Supplementals.  20 in depth videos of me, personally setting up a free funnel so that the visual learners can actually watch me making this happen.

DS1 (50% Commissions Recurring)

DS1 is the Epic Conversions Insider’s Club.  It’s my monthly low ticket membership program that gives members a brand new IM product every single month and keeps them up to date on the newest tips, tricks and info in the IM space.

OTO2 (50% Commissions)

OTO2 is 410 Done For You Emails with a PLR license attached to the package.  DFY sells very well, especially at this price.  I expect this one to do really well!

DS2 (50% Commissions)

DS2 is the same DFY 410 Email Package but with a personal use only license.  I think that those who passed up on the original offer will more than likely be pulled in by this personal use rights package.  It’s a great value at the price.  

OTO3 (50% Commissions)

My free funnels LIVE masterclass series.  A four day interactive virtual event complete with a networking group so that attendees can network with each other. 

DS3 (50% Commissions)

DS3 is the replays for the 4 Day Master Class Series.

The Prizes 

4 Day Affiliate Power Contest

Kam Jenningsepicconversions.com

​Minimum of 20 Front End Sales required to be eligible for contest prizes.  All prizes will be based on TOTAL OVERALL UNITS SOLD and ties will be decided by revenue generated.  No teams allowed.  Every man or woman for themselves!  Good luck all!

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Free Funnels launches tomorrow…

Are you ready for Free Funnels?

[Goes lives tomorrow] Free Funnels…





Mark your calendar for tomorrow.


I’m excited to announce that Kam Jennings (aka ZeroFatz aka Kam Fatz aka Mr. 15k youtube subscribers) is back with another great product that completely over delivers…


This one is going to make it easy for ANYONE to see success…


This system is all about building “free funnels,”that don’t take long to set up and will cost you absolutely no money to run…


No autoresponder fees, no expensive clickfunnels fees, no hosting or domain registration fees…


This is a system that flies in the face of what everyone else is teaching out there…


It’s different…


Kam is taking everything that you have been told you need to run an online business and absolutely turns it on it’s head.


And you can use this to start making your “free funnels” right away… like within minutes of getting your hands on this training.  After that it’s just a matter of driving traffic to it.


The doors open right at 9 am Eastern, and you’ll want to head over to the link below right at 9am Eastern to get the best deal possible on this…




Just to make sure you don’t forget, I’ll also send you an email as soon as the doors open tomorrow…


You really don’t want to miss this one. It WILL make you money if you follow it…


To your success!




[LIVE] Free Funnels…

Free Funnels is live!

Run a successful online business for free with Free Funnels…



Yesterday I sent you an email about Kam’s new step-by-step training course.

It’s called Free Funnels and it’s live. You can your hands on it now at the lowest price possible by clicking the link below…


Just to be clear, when I say this method is going to turn what you think you know about IM on it’s head… it really is.

With this method, there’s…

–>NO domain registration costs

–>NO hosting costs

–>NO clickfunnels expense

–>NO page builder expense

–>NO Autoresponder expense

–>NO additional costs

–>NO giant learning curve that will take you forever to get set up and going

You HAVE seen this before… but the last time you saw it…it cost about $100 to $200 a month to set it up and run it.  Kam’s turned the whole idea of a profitable sales funnel on it’s head with this one.  

To get all the details and lock-in a big discount, click the link below now…


To your online success!


PS – Get your hands on this powerful training for less than $10 when you act fast… You’re going to love this one!


Did you get a chance to see Free Funnels yet?

Have you seen Free Funnels?

People are already crushing it with Free Funnels…




Did you get a chance to take a look at Free Funnels?

If not, you really should take a look at this brand new, 100% free method for building funnels and earning great money online…


People are already crushing it with this…

Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll discover inside Free Funnels…

–>Creating Paid products that actually make money

–>Creating Lead magnets that actually get opt-in’s

–>Free website and page builder set up

–>Building OTO’s and Downsells that convert

–>Effective free Squeeze pages, Download Pages and Thank you Pages

–>Effective Sales pages

–>Effective Security Log-in Pages

–>Free autoresponder set up

–>How to write effective autoresponder sequences super fast

–>How to set up your funnel for free

–>How to move your email subscribers from free lists to paid lists easily on automation

–>How to set up all your legal pages easily for free

–>Plus, a whole lot more…

Click the link below to get all the details on Free Funnels and lock-in your discount…


To your online success!


PS – Just to make it clear… the price on this is going up with every sale… If you wait, you will find yourself spending a lot more money on this than you have to…

Click the link below to join the growing list of success stories on this right now…



Is Free Funnels for you?

Do you really need Free Funnels?

Who should get Free Funnels…



Free Funnels is a brand new, unique way of using completely free resources to put together powerful and effective “free funnels” that’s changing things for struggling marketers out there…

If you haven’t had a chance to take a look at this simple effective method, click the link below now to take a look…


If you have already seen it, maybe you’re wondering if this is for you…

Here’s why you need to get your hands on this now…

–>It’s brand new – THIS is turning everything you thought you knew about successful marketing on it’s head…

–>If you’ve already got monthly business expenses that you are paying for out of pocket because your business is not profitable yet, you can easily save money using the strategies in this course…

–>You don’t need to spend a dime on page builders, clickfunnels, or autoresponders to make this work… Just plug-in to the unique step by step instructions in free funnels and start living the “free to play” lifestyle!

–>You can easily scale this up to a six figure, “job crushing” income

–>Anyone can do this regardless of prior experience and without any special “tech” skills…

Click the link below to see what people are saying about this method, and get all the details…


To your you online success!



[Final Warning] Free Funnels…

Free Funnels discount is going away fast…

It’s almost over… Free Funnels is…



This is officially your last chance to get your hands on Free Funnels at the discounted price.

The doors close at 9am tomorrow and then the price is going to $27 bucks forever…

But, there is some good news… You can still get your hands on this powerful step-by-step training for less than $10 by clicking the link below right now…


Whatever you do, don’t wait.

Kam does what he says he is going to do, and if you don’t get your hands on this before 9am Eastern tomorrow, you will find yourself paying a lot more money for this…

If you’re looking for a simple absolutely free way to finally make money online… this is it.

People are already crushing it with this unique method.

And if you’re one of those people that’s bought a lot of courses and thinking this is just more of the same…

Think again.

Kam is turning the industry standards on their proverbial heads with this one…

Click the link below now to get your hands on this before the doors close and you up paying a lot more!


To your online success!


Got Questions? I Have Answers!

Email: kamjenningspro@gmail.com

Facebook: facebook.com/kam.fatz

Skype ID: zerofatz

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