Epic Conversions

project 9.23.2020



  • I will be running a “Backstage Pass” for my upcoming launch.
  • This will run from 9.23.2020 through 10.14.2020 (22 days in total.)  
  • These calls will focus on what I did each day to move my launch forward. 
  • We will meet for a live call at 10 PM eastern time each and every night for 22 days in a row.  
  • Replays will be immediately available after live calls.
  • Questions can be asked on calls.  No time limit, all questions will be answered.
  • This Backstage Pass will walk you through my entire process for quickly publishing simple digital products that are profitable each and every time and continue to help build my list with valuable buyers leads.
  • This Backstage Pass will run through the “figure out an idea” phase all the way through launch and post launch.
  • All analytics will be shown, all curtains will be pulled back.
  • A true look inside a REAL working profitable online business!


Epic Conversions does not give refunds on The Epic Conversions Backstage Pass.  This is an exclusive interactive product and service that offers massive benefit to customers in the way of live training, and group coaching. Make sure you know what you are purchasing before buying.  Reach out to me at kamjenningspro@gmail.com with any questions whatsoever before purchase.

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