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"I’m going to show you how to do REAL affiliate marketing so that you can finally start seeing GENUINE difference making income without experiencing all the failure and setbacks usually associated with trying to start an online business!" 

Jump on board the SAFARI now!

Dear friend,

If you want to know exactly how I get amazing results with affiliate marketing, pulling in large affiliate commissions and even handily winning affiliate contests, beating out other well known marketers easily… that you can finally kick back and make easy street “internet” money without having to work that nasty day job…

...AND not have to experience a bunch of the USUAL failure that goes along with trying to learn things online…

Here’s the story:

My name is Kam Jennings, and about 11 years ago if you would have said to me, I was going to be making money on the internet for a living (affiliate marketing or anything else) I would have said you were out of your mind.

“Too risky” I would have said.

“Sounds good, but probably a pipe dream” I would have muttered.

“Where’s the security in something like that?” I might have growled.

Of course about 6 months later I would have lost my job, effectively sweeping the rug out from under my “security,” and left with a family to feed, bills to pay and…

...a tough decision to make.

Do I find another job doing something similar to what I had been doing? Or do I take the road less traveled and try something else?

“Something else” is what I chose.

I went back to school for business and began to learn about how to create my own “job security.”

For me it started with selling books on Amazon. After bringing that little book selling business up to a 5 figure income, I wrote a book about it.

That book led to the creation of my first youtube channel, and then my first membership site. Eventually, those things led me to the fine craft of affiliate marketing.

Only one problem…

When I first started trying to do affiliate marketing, I was not very good at it. In fact, you could say I was REALLY bad at it.

Oh sure I could make SOME money with affiliate marketing, but that was just because I already had a membership program full of people and a YouTube channel with lots of subscribers.

But not nearly as much as I COULD have been making it I knew what I was doing.
I didn’t know anything about marketing angles back then or tracking. Heck I didn’t even know to email my list and when I did…

...I would only do it like once for fear that they would be mad at me if I mailed them again for the same offer.

I mean seriously, if they would have been handing out awards for…


...I would have won First place for sure!  Top shelf, head of the class for being the “most stupidest marketer” on the planet to still make money.  And if you asked me now, why I was successful at all I can tell you…

I just didn’t give up.  I kept on moving forward.  

I think there really is something to be said for learning from your mistakes and adjusting when things aren’t working, while at the same time having a short memory for failure and not being too hard on yourself.

So anyways, I had a lot to learn about this fine craft of affiliate marketing, I can tell you that.  But then something happened…

I Discovered a Secret!

It started with discovering an age old marketing adage called The Rule of Seven.

That rule basically says that a prospect needs to see or hear your marketing message at least seven times before they take action and buy from you.

Now of course that led me to asking the question how in the world can I tell the same people about the same offer 7 times without them wanting to KILL me from being bored…

...or without them completely tuning me out and not listening…

...or worse, unfriending me, unsubscribing or reporting me for spam!
And asking that question led me to…

...the wonderful world of marketing angles.

Marketing angles led me to tracking. Tracking led me to link placement strategy. Link placement strategy got me thinking about points of exposure and so on…

Listen, it’s safe to say I had to learn quite a few little secrets and tricks over the years to get as good as I am at affiliate marketing today. And I get to enjoy the fruits of that labor now.

But recently I was thinking about behind the scenes footage...

You know what I mean? (probably not right? lol)

Now, I understand it seems like a curveball and doesn’t really relate to what I’ve been talking about, but I implore you to hear me out. Picture this...

You’re watching a movie, and you really enjoy it. In fact, it’s one of those instant classics that fascinates you. You could even see yourself watching it a few more times.

You love the movie so much, you even take the time to watch the special features (usually you never do.) Behind the scenes footage, deleted scenes, extra interviews with the actors, director’s commentary…

...the works.

I was thinking…

What if I did that for an affiliate marketing campaign?

What if I hit record on the camera at the very beginning before I even picked a product and recorded every decision I made?

What if I recorded the exact messages I wrote and why I wrote them, in real time while it was happening?

What if that affiliate campaign was wildly successful, winning a contest and bringing in hundreds of dollars with just a few hours of work?

I was thinking…

And what if I took you with me for all of this as I was doing it?

It would almost be like observing the dangerous wildlife from the safety of your jeep on one of those safari’s.

I thought that would be amazingly brilliant. It would not just teach you, not just show you…

...but instead SHARE with you, the experience of a successful affiliate campaign.

And that kind of case study is exactly what I did. And inside this case study you can not only learn, not only be shown, but you will come with me and experience: 

  • The secrets that I’ve used to generate countless thousands in online income over the years.
  • The strategies that have allowed me to produce instant income on demand without the stress of worrying about how to pay my bills.
  • The tactics that enabled me to NOT have to work for anyone else for the last several years, and THRIVE while I was doing it!
  • The exact places I put my affiliate messages for maximum results!
    Simple yet effective methods of affiliate marketing that are easily repeatable and produce amazing results!

Listen, I didn’t just gather my findings and experience…

I brought you with me on this adventure.

I recorded the whole thing from the very beginning to the very end. You come with me, in real time as I climb the ranks of the affiliate contest, sale after sale, email after email, message after message.

You experience it with me. You're about to go on a safari here.

An Affiliate Safari:

As we weave through the wild jungles of affiliate marketing have no fear… are safe in the jeep. But the experience is real. From the first message to the last email.

From the first sale and where it came from to just how many people were sent the message, you’ll experience it all as I make the decisions.

The numbers, the analytics, the tactics, the strategies, the principles, every single thing I did to win big on this affiliate campaign. The how, the why, the where, and the when…

You will now unlock those secrets!


...and this is important.

Here is the part where I absolutely need to tell you that there are NO REFUNDS on this purchase.

No guarantees here.

I offer you nothing except a true look behind the scenes of exactly what I experienced, exactly what I did, step by step, and video by video, you go on the journey with me.

Can you repeat what I did?

Some of you will be able to, I am sure. While many of you probably won’t even make it through all the videos. Not because they aren’t jam packed full of experience and knowledge…

...but because those are the times we live in. Many people get distracted easily and don’t finish what they set out to do.

But I didn’t put this case study together for the quitters. I put it together for the ones that needed it. The ones that were ready to see exactly what I do to make money with affiliate marketing…

...and attack it! I put this case study together for you. And you know...I hate calling it a case study...because it’s so much more. 

This is a real time experience.

Not real time in the sense that you are seeing it all live, BUT real time in the sense that you are going to be seeing me go through the campaign as I was experiencing it myself.

Every decision made was recorded as I made it. Every sale was talked about as it happened. This is a true walk through of an affiliate marketing campaign on the fly, as it happened.

And the experience will be game changing for many...

Inside Affiliate Safari you will be gaining instant access to:


  • Revealing why I chose the particular product I chose for this case study (this includes my exact process for choosing affiliate products)
  • My secret of finding WarriorPlus products that are exceptional yet starved for traffic so that you can use it for yourself!
  • Detailing My Points of Exposure strategy so that you too can gain maximum exposure in your affiliate marketing endeavors!


  • Walkthrough of the “But not a bully…” email and secrets behind the blind email tactic used
  • Revealing the secret of the “famous quote” marketing angle
  • Revealing my unique dynamic delivery system for bonuses to add and take away bonuses at anytime (without a website and lightning fast)
  • The exact email font size and line spacing process I use for maximum conversions and why!
  • The exact system I use to track my affiliate links for doubling down on successful messaging.
  • My secret to leveraging work I am already doing to create unique bonuses that stand out against the competition and increase conversions with almost ZERO extra work!


  • Results from “But not a Bully…” email. Open rates, click throughs, tracking and sales.
  • Walkthrough of “The 7 Secrets of XXXX…” email and secrets behind email tactic used
  • Revealing the secret of  "legend building" for maximum sales.
  • You’ll discover Simple editing tactics I use to quickly smooth out my messages without a lot of hassle.
  • Exact ways I use tracking to plan highly converting promotional strategies.
  • The secret of value stacking through multiple messages to produce insane overall conversion results.

You know, one thing about Affiliate Safari that I haven’t touched on is the fact that it’s probably quite a bit different than other trainings or products you have bought.

I do things my own way. Always have.

True story for you:

Jamie O’Brian is a professional surfer who was born and raised in Hawaii. He’s been riding “The pipeline” in Hawaii since he was like 5 years old and has won several prestigious surfing contests and events.

Now what you have to understand is that one of the MAIN ways professional surfers make money is by being on the “Pro Tours” of the World Surf League.

The respect and fame they earn on these tours can earn them additional income through endorsements.

The interesting thing about Jamie is that he turned his back on the World Surf League years ago. He said that although the feeling of winning competitions was priceless...

...but it was all he did for about 12 years and at some point it just wasn’t fun anymore.

Although he still occasionally drops into major surf contests, like Pipeline Pro or Rip Curl Invitational, he famously burned the Association of Professional Surfing's rulebook as a way of making a public statement.

He didn’t care about the results. He wanted to let the world know he was a freesurfer...

...And in freesurfing the results don’t matter.

Jamie still earns a ton of money through endorsements with major companies like RedBull, Body Glove, and GoPro. He makes movies about surfing and lives life on his own terms.

People like Jamie O’Brien inspired me to do online marketing by writing MY own rule book as well…

...and when it comes to affiliate marketing you are going to be getting a front row seat as to how I do things, inside Affiliate Safari.

When you pick this ground-breaking case study up you’ll be immediately gaining access to:


  • Reveals secret to inspiring more funnel sales as an affiliate
  • Special video angle I use for inspiring sales through social media
  • The exact conversational marketing tactic I used to see results on Facebook
  • Walkthrough of “[1 of 2] 3 New traffic sources for you…” and secrets behind email tactic used
  • Results from “The 7 Secrets of XXXX…” email. Open rates, click throughs, tracking and sales.
  • Discover exact strategy I use to combat low open and click through rates when sending multiple emails a day


  • Results from “[1 of 2] 3 New traffic sources for you… ” email. Open rates, click throughs, tracking and sales.
  • Walkthrough of “[2 of 2] 3 New traffic sources for you…” email and secrets behind email tactic used
  • In this video you will see my exact results sending purely actionable content for promotion and how it does against it’s more story driven content alternative!


  • Secret to easy blog syndication for maximum leverage
  • Results from “[2 of 2] 3 New traffic sources for you… ” email. Open rates, click throughs, tracking and sales.
  • Walkthrough of “Shadow of the Giant” email and secrets behind email tactic used
  • This is a pivotal point in the campaign and I would consider this unique email message the crown jewel of the campaign. I’ll show you how I did it in this video!
  • The secret to sending multiple email messages a day with NO complaints!

“Building context for” and “adding legend to” is something you will get to see me do inside Affiliate Safari again and again. But how do you do it?

Well...a few different ways but…

I was listening to a podcast the other day called Reply All, that demonstrated one way very well. The Case of the Missing Hit…

It was the true story of a California man who was hunting for a song that may or may not exist.

The quest began on a drive home, when he started singing a tune from memory to his wife. He swore it was a hit from the ’90s.

His wife had never heard of it before. Later, after hours falling down Google rabbit holes, he realizes the song can’t be found on the internet, the infinite repository of information where almost everything that’s ever existed can be found.

It feels uncanny, like he’s found a hole in the universe.

And that began a search that lasted for months and included recreating the song with professional musicians in a studio, reaching out to Rolling Stones song editors, and a whole bunch of other rocks overturned, but the point is…

...if you would have asked me if I liked that song from the start, I would have said, “ehhh it’s okay.” Not so memorable.

However, I didn’t get to hear the actual song until the end of that podcast episode, when they really found it.

That changed everything for me. The song mattered a lot more to me after that and to be honest if I ever hear the song again, I will instantly think of that story.

That is the power of legend building and you can use it to sell more. It’s a learnable skill and you will learn from and experience me “legend building” inside Affiliate Safari as well, to great results!

These secrets await you instantly inside...


  • Results from “Shadow of the Giant” email. Open rates, click throughs, tracking and sales.
  • Walkthrough of “End of the line?” email and secrets behind email tactic used
  • The secret to sending out simple question emails that increase deliverability AND STILL get you sales!


  • Results from “End of the line?” email. Open rates, click throughs, tracking and sales.
  • The special way I shift my send times on the last day of promotion to increase scarcity and maximize conversions.
  • Walkthrough of “The Trouble with Time Machines...” email and secrets behind email tactic used
  • The simple secret to lowering defenses and making prospects more receptive to what you are selling. Anybody can do this!

You know people are always asking me how many emails they should be sending out and how often when it comes to affiliate marketing.

It’s actually a really good question and it’s one you will learn the answer to inside Affiliate Safari.

I discovered the true secret to this many years ago before I ever even knew anything about email marketing or selling ANYTHING.

This all happened in Great Lakes, Illinois in 1995 at RTC. I was a new recruit in the United States Navy, smack dab in the middle of bootcamp.

Back then I only weighed about 130 pounds and a group of us had been instructed by our Recruit Division Commander to haul these laundry bags across this field from a loading dock to a truck.

Now these laundry bags were about as big as I was, and I could have sworn back then that they must have weighed about 150 pounds each. In my mind it was impossible for me to lift one.

So I did what any reasonable 19 year old fool might do...I started dragging the bag across the field.

This infuriated my RDC and he was instantly in my face screaming at me to pick up the bag.

I was paralyzed.

My mind was telling me I could not lift the bag, but my RDC was screaming at me that I must. So what I did…

...was dig as deep as I could, and tried my hardest to lift the bag. In my mind I thought, I am either going to lift this bag or break my back trying.

Slowly the bag started to lift, to my disbelief. And the higher I lifted it, the stronger I felt like I was getting. Of course, I wasn’t really getting stronger physically, but something was getting stronger.

My mind.

Many things are possible when it comes to email marketing if you know how to do it and you know it is possible. Inside Affiliate Safari you are going to experience the way I do affiliate campaigns with email.

It’s probably going to challenge your belief of what is possible with email marketing forever.

Today when you get in the Affiliate Safari Jeep with me you will instantly be unlocking and experiencing... 


  • Results from “The Trouble with Time Machines...” email. Open rates, click throughs, tracking and sales.
  • Walkthrough of “Final Curtain...” email and secrets behind email tactic used.
  • I reveal why it doesn’t bother me at all to get unsubscribes and a true key to my success in email marketing.


  • Sharing all final results and numbers that resulted in me winning the affiliate contest for promotion.
  • Revealing my most effective marketing angle for the entire promotion
  • Showing the exact point of exposure that didn’t work for me at all and most people can probably just not waste time on. What NOT to do!
  • Break down the numbers message by message from most effective to least effective so you can take advantage of all my successful tactics and avoid the ones that didn’t work as well.


Again, this product is a complete case study of my experience running an affiliate campaign. There are NO refunds on this purchase. Translation, don’t buy this if you are a “shiny object seeking, what’s in the box” guy.

You will be seeing exactly what I did to produce several hundred dollars in a few hours and EVEN MORE money from winning an affiliate contest.

If you don’t have an email list, I do not believe you will be able to get the same results I got.

I do believe you can get results using the methods I used, but you need to build a list to get the same kind of results that I have gotten.

You will be operating from a weak position without a list.

Affiliate Safari is an amazing product for the person who is ready to start making money with affiliate marketing and has an email list or is building an email list: 

P.S. As a very special bonus, when you purchase Affiliate Safari today, you will also gain immediate access to How to Promote When You Don’t Have A List!

This incredibly valuable training is an hour and 28 minutes of all killer no filler pure gold, that’s going to show you just how to get started making affiliate commissions when you don’t have an email list.

Inside How to Promote When You Don’t Have A List! You will learn the secrets to:

  • The Network of 10 list building and affiliate marketing strategy.
  • Enter the Foundation Facebook audience building and commission attractor method.
  • Amplified Blog tactic to not only build your list while blogging but also produce commissions and sales.
  • The true key to all sustainable wealth online (a simple truth often overlooked.)
  • The central core of ALL free promotion online (if you want to make sales online without a list you need to know this first!)


This “BONUS” is worth more than the cost I am charging for this whole package. Why do I do it? What’s the catch?

The catch is simple.

I want to help other people win.

When I over deliver on my products, my customers get results and feel like they get more than they pay for. That is good for them and good for me. Word of mouth is a big deal in digital publishing.

So pick up your copy of Affiliate Safari, get in the jeep and prepare to follow me into the jungle of affiliate marketing...this is going to be AWESOME!


There are NO REFUNDS for Affiliate Safari.

This product is a step by step, day by day, case study of an actual real life affiliate campaign.

It is a digital product and once you have the information in the product, there is literally no way to return it.

You can’t get refunds at a theater once you’ve seen the movie, and you can’t get refunds at Walmart on compact discs, DVD’s or even physical books (because they can be copied.)

Although it is my promise to be fair and over deliver with all of my products, I do not believe in a refund on a case study digital product where I show you everything I did as I am doing it.

There is too much of my own time invested in the product and in your success.

This is the third time I have mentioned my NO REFUND policy on the sales page because I believe in transparency.

How can you win in business or in life if you don’t see the whole picture?

Feel free to email me with any questions you may have before purchasing this product at

Make sure you read this sales page carefully and understand what you are buying before purchase.

Thanks everybody and good luck in ALL your ventures! -Kam