So this is not for everybody.  Some of you are beginners and are NOT ready for THE MAX DEAL!  However, some of you ARE ready, and that is why this is here.

With the Max Deal Package you are going to get 2 extremely valuable things.

First, you are going to get fast track approval as an Affiliate for Affiliate Safari, AND more importantly you are going to be boosted to 100% commissions through my entire funnel!

But secondly,  you are going to be getting an actual PLR license to Affiliate Safari, itself.  That's right, this license will allow you to acquire Affiliate Safari as an asset that you can sell for yourself.   

So not only will you be getting 100% through MY funnel, in addition to that, HERE are the exact rights you will get on Affiliate Safari:

So when you pick up your MAX DEAL PACKAGE you will be getting these 2 benefits:

  • 100% affiliate commissions through my entire Affiliate Safari funnel.  Fast tracked affiliate approval.
  • PLR license to the Affiliate Safari product

Refund Policy:

All training products released by Epic Conversions are covered under the following guarantee:

Use the methods taught within the product for 30 days. If you do not get results as taught, contact me for a full refund. You will be required to show proof that you have used my methods as taught.

Contact me here: kamjenningspro@gmail.com

Epic Conversions does NOT give refunds on the following:

1. NON Training products that have PLR or personal use rights attached to them (I.E. a series of emails or articles)
2. Service based products such as coaching or consulting or opportunity based products such as 100% commission through a sales funnel


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