I have 2 amazing workshops for you that I put on within the last 12 months.  Both of them were absolute game changers for other people, and can completely change your business as well!  

First,  you'll be getting replays on my Systems and Email Conversion Workshop, which was a 4 day event, put on this past December for Epic Conversions Insider's Club.    The secrets and tactics revealed inside this workshop are going to blow your mind!

Secondly, you'll also be getting replays on my Affiliate Fire Workshop, a 5 day Workshop that will walk you through how to turn an engagement series of 25 emails into promotional messages to sell products.  This package also comes with the original 20 email engagement series and the finished promotional series, for your reference.

These 2 workshops are going to take your systems and email marketing game to the next level.  SO if you are truly ready to get serious about your online business, this combo workshop package is perfect!

When you pick this 2 Workshop Combo Pack up you will be getting instant access to:

  • Systems and Email Conversions Workshop Replays (a 4 day workshop that was previously recorded live)
  • Affiliate Fire Workshop (a 5 day workshop that was previously recorded live) ​​​
  • Email Fire 2 (a 25 email premium engagement series designed to build rapport, get engagement, and warm of cold lists)

Pick up your 2 Workshop Combo Pack today!

Refund Policy:

All training products released by Epic Conversions are covered under the following guarantee:

Use the methods taught within the product for 30 days. If you do not get results as taught, contact me for a full refund. You will be required to show proof that you have used my methods as taught.

Contact me here: kamjenningspro@gmail.com

Epic Conversions does NOT give refunds on the following:

1. NON Training products that have PLR or personal use rights attached to them (I.E. a series of emails or articles)
2. Service based products such as coaching or consulting or opportunity based products such as 100% commission through a sales funnel

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