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Front End (75% Commissions)

Affiliate Safari is a 10 video over the shoulder case study of a 4 day affiliate campaign that I ran recently.  It resulted in taking first place in the affiliate contest and $865.11 in affiliate commissions and prize money, all with only around 3 and a half hours of work to accomplish this.   The case study is done in real time, so as I was experiencing the campaign and reacting to what was happening, so will the customer.

OTO1 (50% Commissions)

OTO1 is 40 DFY emails from my personal money making email swipes collection that are being sold here with a Private Label Rights (PLR) license.  These are emails that I have personally used to not only sell my membership program but also to sell affiliate offers as well.  Getting 40 DFY professionally written emails at this price WITH PLR license is a no brainer.  I expect conversions to be through the rook on this one.

DS1 (50% Commissions)

DS1 is the Epic Conversions Insider's Club. It's my monthly low ticket membership program that gives members the benefit of group coaching, a brand new IM product every single month, and a healthy database of DFY materials to use.

OTO2 (50% Commissions)

OTO2 is the Email Workshop Combo Pack.  This invaluable training is going to give customers replay access to 2 of my most valuable workshops to date.  The Systems and Email Conversions workshop and the Affiliate Fire workshop.  Both of these workshops spanned multiple days and provide hours of secret revealing, bomb dropping revelations for the marketers out there looking to step up their game in the world of Email Marketing!

DS2 (50% Commissions)

DS2 removes the Affiliate Fire workshop from the Email Marketing Workshop Combo pack and gives customers the opportunity to still take advantage of a lower priced Systems and Email Conversions Workshop Replays package.  It's the crown jewel of the Combo pack and this reduced cost will still allow those who passed up the combo pack to get it. 

OTO3 (50% Commissions)

OTO3 is the Affiliate Safari Max Deal Package.  This unprecedented package is going to give customers 100% affiliate commissions through the entire Affiliate Safari funnel, but not only's also going to give customers a PLR licence to Affiliate Safari, so that they can use the product as an asset.

DS3 (50% Commissions)

DS3 removes the boosted affiliate commissions and offers PLR license on Affiliate Safari.  Even if the customer doesn't feel they need the boosted 100% commissions, this will still allow them the opportunity to acquire Affiliate Safari as an asset they can use themselves.



Minimum of 25 Front End Sales required to be eligible for contest prizes.  All prizes will be based on TOTAL OVERALL UNITS SOLD and ties will be decided by revenue generated.  No teams allowed.  Every man or woman for themselves!  Good luck all!

Kam Jennings Owner, Epic Conversions




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SUBJECT LINE: Are you ready for adventure?

Are you ready for adventure?

I hope so because that’s exactly what is coming tomorrow.  

It’s called Affiliate Safari, and it’s the new case study product by Kam Jennings (aka Kam Fatz, aka Mr. Epic Conversions himself) and…

Affiliate Safari a little different than a lot of the other stuff out there right now, so it’s worth being excited about.  Tomorrow is going to be a day to remember.

So what makes this thing so interesting?

I’ll tell you.  Kam decided to run a 4 day affiliate marketing campaign.  However, he decided to record the whole process. From picking the product to promote, to what kind of emails he was writing and sending, to how he was posting on facebook, to everything in between.  

The marketing angles, the affiliate messages, the video formulas.  The who the what, the why the where, and the’s all in there in real time as he is doing it.

Although he only spent about 3 and a half hours on the promotion all together, It earned him hundreds of dollars and first place in the affiliate contest for the product.

Kam’s going to reveal everything to you in this tell all, over the shoulder, in-depth case study on how a pro does affiliate marketing.

You don’t want to miss this one.  Get ready, more info coming in the morning.  


Affiliate Safari launches at 9am eastern time tomorrow.  See you then!