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THE OFFER KINGS QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE - A quick reference guide of the example emails in The Offer Kings

THE AUDIENCE KINGS - Discover how to build a targeted audience around you in this UNDERGROUND prequel to OFFER KINGS. Previously only released to my list and facebook group.

LEAD MAGNETS 101 - Learn some of the best strategies for creating lead magnets that will garner the HIGHEST opt-in rates and put the most targeted leads on your email list!

THE SECRET LIFE OF KAM FATZAn invaluable resource which outlines 20 plus ways to make more money online and improve your online business.

RECOMMEND RESOURCES - my blog where I talk about how to get more traffic, get more customers, get more leads, and just generally do MORE with your online business.

Big Product Store - This is an invaluable resource that has thousands and thousands of PLR content that I use all the time to create amazing bonuses, to use as a base for new products, and even learn cool new things from. There is crappy plr in there and there is great plr in there. But all in all this has paid for itself 10 times over for me.

Emails that Convert - Another course I did on email marketing teaching you how to get the open, how to get the click through and how to get the conversion. It will only help make you more skillful at this essential skill of email marketing.

Flash Fiction Online - A great resource that I use when I am trying to draw inspiration for flash fiction style emails.

750Words - This is a free resource that will let you write 750 words a day. The whole goal is to improve your writing and to jump start creativity. YOu will be surprised at how many cool ideas will start flying out of your head when you do this daily for about a week.

ZeroFatzReturns - This is my youtube channel where I put out weekly videos about internet marketing. There is a ton of valuable information to be had for free on this channel.

Kam Fatz - On facebook people know me as Kam Fatz. I’m on facebook every single day. DO NOT hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions on Offer Kings.

Epic Conversions Private Mastermind - You are invited to join our Private Mastermind on facebook, free to all of my customers!