5 Reasons this matters more…

5 Reasons this matters more…  

So last night I started promoting a product by Kevin Fahey called, Productivity Made Simple and I wanted to give you the 5 reasons why this matters right now:  

REASON ONE) Productivity is universal.  Everyone can use this content, so no matter what niche you are in, this report can be used to your advantage.   

REASON TWO) It’s being neglected by the market, which means not many people HAVE this content.  You won’t be competing with everyone and their brother.  This is premium content that will be relatively fresh and unused.  That’s an unusual advantage.  

REASON THREE) Kevin didn’t write this PLR himself, he got Decan Doyle to write it.  Decan has worked with countless high-status clients, provided consulting for world class athletes in the UFC, Boxing, and British wrestling, and has featured in some of the leading health and fitness publications and TV stations in the UK.  The guy is an absolute EXPERT on the subject.  

REASON FOUR) Kevin also hired an A-List team to create the package surrounding this report on productivity.  Professional graphics, promotional emails, DFY Sales page, thank you page, opt-in…it’s all there for you.  

REASON FIVE) Cost.  With the Premium Quality Done For You Product, the Professional Written “Value-Driven” Content, Attention Grabbing and Eye Catching Graphics, Persuasive & Hypnotic Sales Letter, Full blown “Conversion Driven” Sales Funnel, AND additional promotional material…THIS package cost Kevin thousands of dollars to put together and you can get it here for a limited time for like 13 or 14 bucks.  I spend more than that Starbucks on a bad Monday lol.  

I won’t even get into how hot the performance and productivity niche is right now.  How easy it would be to crack into…well actually you know what?    
I probably will, but I’ll save that for the next time.  For now I really just want you to know…  

…this product is neglected by a really busy market.  

…it’s severely overlooked, underpriced…  

…and it’s overloaded with DFY value and it’s a complete package.  

Get this hidden gem for the win, no matter what niche you are in, the content can be used.     Oh yeah…you might be wondering, “That’s great and all Kam but WHAT does this matter more than?”   

And to that I would answer, “That next shiny object you are getting ready to buy, being promoted by everyone, and nobody is telling you what it does…” lol   

This matters more than that. 

This product is something a BOSS buys.  Boss level thinking.

Author: KamFatz
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