I love that movie Gladiator.  Have you ever seen it?


It’s set in ancient Rome around the time that Emperor Marcus Aurelius, the great stoic philosopher was in power.


I think it’s really cool because it’s about a guy who just wants to be a farmer, and hang out with his wife and kids, but he can’t because he has this very special skill set.


His name is Maximus, and he is a great soldier and leader of men.  So of course the Emperor needs him to command his Army.   Keep in mind, Maximus has been away from his family for 3 years…


I remember this one point in the movie, he turned to his assistant Cicero and asked him if he found it hard to do his duty.


Cicero looks at him and said:

Sometimes I do what I want to do, and the rest of the time I do what I have to.


I can relate to that heavily.


The idea of not doing exactly what you want to do, but instead doing what you have to do because you happen to be very good at it is probably something you can relate to.


I know another guy in real life who can also relate to itl.


His name is Garry Baker.


He has an awesome family, and he is from Arkansas.  


He has spent the last several months in Kuwait though.


Kuwait is 7,247 miles away from Arkansas…


…that’s pretty far.


What the heck is Garry doing in Kuwait?


Because Garry needed to support his family and he happens to have a very special skill set that less than 1% of the world can do on his level.


He keeps the bad guys from breaking into US military intranet infrastructures.


You’ve heard of cyber hackers?


Well Garry is like the cyber superhero that stops them from running rampant and discovering all of the US Military’s secrets.


It sounds funny but Garry reminds me a little of that movie Gladiator.


He just wants to go back to Arkansas and raise his family, but he has a special set of skills that the government needs.


Tough spot.


So how the heck did I meet Garry Baker?


Well he came to me wanting to learn what I knew about internet marketing.


He has been a Cyber superhero for many many years and he is getting burned out with it.


So where to Cyber superheroes go to retire?


Apparently, they come to me to learn how to sell stuff on the internet.


Here’s the thing…


…Garry was a smart guy when he got here.  He had already been working on several methods of making money online before he even started talking to me.


One of them in particular, he had been having a lot of success with.


I want you to check it out because it’s pretty special, and well…Garry is a cyber superhero…you will literally probably never meet another person on the earth who is as good at what Garry does as he is.


THat’s all I got for now!  Tomorrow I’ll tell you a little more about big GB’s strategy…


Stay tuned…


Kam (aka ZeroFatz)

Author: KamFatz
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