How to Win Online in 310 words

How to Win Online in 310 words (or a strategy for the disenfranchised would be entrepreneur)


Step 1.  Turn off your computer, go to the park and take a walk.


Step 2. Get a pen and a piece of paper and find a quiet place.  Write down a plan to be successful online.  Give yourself 12 months to achieve this.


Step 3.  Come to terms with the art of not playing it safe.  Adopt a strict “beat fear into submission policy.”  Accept the worst that could happen for what it is, your fear trying to keep you in a comfortable miserable place.


Step 4. Take your 12 month plan and break it into 4 three month quarter plans.  Each should move you closer to your 12 month goal.


Step 5. Take your 4 quarter plans and break them into monthly, weekly and then daily do lists.


Step 6. Execute.  The best laid plans are meaningless unless you respect them.  Take action on your daily tasks.  Get things done.


Step 7. Understand that the true key to success is to keep moving forward. Take time to celebrate your victories and to understand your losses but only a day or two.  To win here you must keep moving forward.


Step 8. Respect your time.  Give a dedicated amount of time each day to practical tasks that move your business forward.  Your family and friends do not need to understand.  They only need to understand that this thing is important to you.  Success leaves clues.  Some of those clues are scars.


Step 8.  If you falter, see Step 6.


Step 9.  If you grow cowardly, and you will know by the extreme uptick of second guessing and hesitation…see Step 3.


Step 10.  Own every decision, every failure, every success like a boss.  Blaming others is for victims.  Blame yourself and fix it.

Author: KamFatz
Kam Jennings (aka KamFatz) is a full time internet marketer. He is the owner of Epic Conversions Email Marketing and Digital Publishing. He can help you with your email marketing, your podcasting, your product launching and more...

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  1. Kam is the real deal. I joined his coaching program and have learned a tremendous amount in a short time. If you want to grow your business fast I highly recommend following Kam. He is in the trenches daily and he shares what he knows freely!

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