The 10 Rules of Bohemian Marketing

The 10 Rules of Bohemian Marketing


As I write this, I am listening to the Dandy Warhols play Bohemian Like You.  Are you familiar?  Better go put it on if you’re going to read this.  


Let’s rock…


What does it mean to be Bohemian?


Bohemian – a person who has informal and unconventional social habits, especially an artist or writer.


Is that you?


If you want to be successful in this online space where Barbarians slay Dragons and Wizard pull bags of gold out of thin fucking air…


…it better be.


Case in point…


“Cloud Money: A White Trash Guide to Producing Wealth on the Internet”


It’s a product about creating and selling digital assets.


I launched it for 4 days.


That “White Trash” thing got a lot of people talking.  Some good, some bad, but a lot of energy.


And when the dust settled 4 days later Cloud Money, my funny little course with the politically incorrect name had generated $10,426.67.


Thanks haters.


RULE 1:  Be Polarizing

If you want to be successful here you have to find a way to be polarizing.


I always tell people they have to create separation to build an audience online and the easiest way to do it is to just be themselves.  Whether on camera or writing or in front of a podcast mic…just be themselves…


But to kick out a 5 figure launch in 4 days it takes a little more than that.  You have to do things a little more edgy.


RULE 2:  Make Sure You Are Truly Polarizing


If it doesn’t scare you, or make you squirm a little bit, or worry it might not work…it’s probably not edgy enough.


NOw I am talking about marketing tactics here.  Not product creation.


If you want to know what kind of product produces a 5 figure launch in 4 days I’ll tell you what I know after doing it twice.


RULE 3: Don’t be Full Of Shit


Make sure you product is very solid, make sure it works.  Make sure it over delivers.  BUT make sure you have something in there that qualifies as an interesting angle.  Something a little different.  A new way to look at something old.  A fresh take.  A new something…


There’s a shock value to something new.  Everybody is interested in something new.  There is a hope in new things.


There are three other things that I have noticed has universal appeal when it comes to what kind of products people are interested in buying.


RULE 4: ChESS it up


Cheap and Easy Systems Sell (ChESS)  What the hell does that mean right?


Well it means that if I put out a complete system that is step by step through everything and solves all the problems it gets very appealing.


Also if that system is extremely easy to implement then it becomes extra appealing.


Finally if that system will require NO additional investment to make work then it becomes massively appealing.


What do I mean by no additional investment?  I mean if you tell people they need to go pay for an autoresponder after they buy your course you are not going to make a lot of fans.


If you tell them you know where they can start with a free autoresponder and they are good to go…then you make a lot of fans.


RULE 5:  If you want it you better take it because nobody is giving it to you


YOU get the spotlight for 1 day.  The day you launch.  Every day after that might as well be 2 weeks.  


Things happen fast in the Make MOney ONline niche.  YOu need something planned for every day of the launch.  A really cool BONUS to talk about.  A bonus that is just as cool as the main product.


SOmething that is not information.  YOu just did information in the main product.  Keep those bonuses DFY grain.  


Don’t dump a bunch more information on them and expect people to react to it.


The launch week bonuses are events.  They are there to get attention.  A way to steal the spotlight back, something new for your affiliates to talk about.


RULE 6:  Concerning affiliates…start yesterday


Start recruiting affiliates earlier than me.  I started recruiting affiliates 5 days before I launched.  If I would have recruited affiliates 3 weeks out…would this have been a 20k launch?


It’s possible.  It’s very possible.

How do you recruit them?


I’ll be honest with you.


YOU need to pattern interrupt them.  It comes back to your ability to be polarizing.


YOu need a jump start.


If you can pull on about 10 good affiliates you guys can rock that thing for a day and then the “prove it to me” affiliates will start to jump on board…


…you know…after you prove it to them  


Then when your launch really starts blowing up…everybody else comes running.


If it’s one thing affiliates are really good at (and I include myself in this, I’m not judging)…


…we are really good at smelling a gold rush.  We know when there is easy money to be had.


Nothing says easy money to an affiliate like a high converting offer that everybody else seems to be making money on.


It all starts with getting those first solid 10 though.


How do you pattern interrupt them?


Be Bohemian.  That’s what I do.  Excel at being good at what you do and NOT fitting in.


If I go to 60 JV launch groups and post about how “I just created the greatest product that nobody will ever see because I suck at JV recruitment and I’m just now getting around to recruiting affiliates with my lazy ass…” and then DON’T leave a link to your JV page.  Instead just say something dumb like…


“I’ll be back tomorrow with some info about my product and JV page…maybe…if I remember to…I’m kind of romanticizing this whole thing about not getting anybody to help me…as if it’s cool not to make money!  Whatever hit me up for info!”


Then tomorrow drop the deets.


RULE 7: Disrupt with the packaging


Interrupt the Sales Page Trend.  If you start to look around your space you will start to see trends.  


The look and feel of the sales pages…they are copying each other.


FInd a way to wreck that trend and yet still follow the science of what is working.


Does that make sense?


You don’t need to copy something if you take the time to understand why it was done.


Why did that guy put 3 buy buttons on his sales page? Oh because there are people who reach a buying decision at each point.


Okay…so they are reaching the buying decision at different points.


How can I respect that science without making my page look just like these other 10 guys?


What if I had nothing on my sales page but a video and a buy button and a facebook box with a bunch of comments.


Wouldn’t all the social proof for people to read satisfy the need for buying decisions at different points?  


I say yes.


I know yes.


But I respect the science of what is working.  Just approach it in a different way.


A bohemian way.


RULE 8: Accept your Shitty Neighborhood and build a community garden.


Accept the fact that it’s a ruthless game and you aren’t going to be friends with everyone.  The make money online space is a shark infested ocean of people who came here to get rich.


They all have different personalities, different ideas of what ethical is, different thoughts on what is great and what is stupid.


Don’t take people personal.  But don’t be a afraid to burn a mother fucking bridge down either, no matter how much money they make.


Treat people how you want to be treated.  Be real.  Be yourself.  Build a network of people who feel the same way.


DOn’t get star struck.  If someone is a douche bag then they are a douche bag.  Don’t be afraid to tell them, especially if they make a lot of money.


Nothing in this world is quite as satisfying as telling a 7 figure marketer that he’s a real douche bag. Lol.


RULE 9: Don’t take yourself too seriously


Laugh at yourself…out loud.


What the hell do I mean by that?


I mean that you should own your mistakes publicly around your peers and customers.


When you embarrass yourself at the gas station by arguing with the attendant about the pre-pay rule…tell a story about it on facebook.


…oh wait…that’s me. Lol.


Seriously though.  We are all human.  People act like they are Gods or something when they make a few thousand dollars on the damn internet.


The level of elitism around this place is ridiculous sometimes.


I like to tell stories about my failures because it keeps me humble.  I’m an egotistical bastard by nature and marketers HAVE to brag…it’s like in the job description.


So if I can tell some humbling stories to balance all that shit out then I feel better.  


It’s relatable.  


And it’s another degree of separation because you don’t see many people doing it.


And for my final bit of advice on bohemian marketing…


RULE 10:  When it stops being fun…walk away.  


Seriously.  All of our days are numbered and we really don’t know how long we have on this damn rock spiraling through space.


Might as well spend your time with people you give a shit about and doing things you actually feel like doing.


That’s what I say.


I like selling things on the internet.  I like having a youtube channel.  I like running a blog and launching products.


I like teaching other people how to make money for themselves and quit their crappy jobs that they don’t like.


I like helping other people prove everyone wrong.


I used to really want to be like a Batman, or a Captain America when I was a kid.  DO the right thing and fight the good fight…


Now at the ripe old age of 41.  I relate much more to Walt Kowalski.  YOu know Walk Kowalski from Gran Torino?


I used to have this T-shirt that read, “Losing Faith in Humanity One Person at a Time”


Lol.  ALways got a bang out of that shirt.  Very funny.  Kind of pessimistic.  Kind of sarcastic.  Just my flavor lol.


ANyways, whatever.  I’m losing focus here.


These are my 10 Rules of Bohemian Marketing.  Hope you learned a couple things.


My names Kam.  Some people call me ZeroFatz and that’s all I got!





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