RING RING!!! 2005 called…they want BLOGGING back!

Have you ever noticed that nobody is commenting on your blog anymore?


Literally, you can write a 10,000 word epic blog post that solved world hunger and teaches people how to make a million dollars at the same time…


…and the only comment you got was “Aksherinkah” who apparently wants to talk about…soap?


…and wordpress kind of thought that was spam so they didn’t even let her through…


…they were right.


YOu got several shares on the ol’ epic skyscraper blog post but nobody is talking.



Well…at least they aren’t talking on YOUR blog.


I don’t have to tell you where they are talking. (but fuck it…I’m here all day so I will anyway!)


The conversation is now on social media.  People would rather share your blog post on facebook or pinterest, twitter or instagram and talk about it there than actually hang out on your blog and comment.


This matters for a few reasons.



The most important one though is this:


YOu used to consider the blog the core of your business.  The headquarters, if you will.


It’s not anymore.  



Stop thinking like that because honestly it really never was.



It was an illusion.



The blog is simply a storefront.



Not a literal storefront man.


I’m not trying to get you into “e-commerce here…just stay with me…”


But a hypothetical storefront.


It’s the face of your business, not the core of your business.


So now you might be thinking, ”well great…if my blog is not the core of my business then what the hell is?”



I’ll tell you.



The same thing that was the core of your business in 2005…it’s just easier to see it now.


The email list.


Last year over 80% of my revenue was generated by email transactions.


My numbers are not unique.  Take a second and go look it up if you’re feeling froggy…


The blog exists as a nice face for your business.


When you put content on the blog it’s purpose is to pull in organic traffic from search engines and put people on your email list.


Now look, content is the lifeblood of the internet.  


You don’t need to leave your content on just your blog and work on driving traffic to your blog that nobody cares about.


It’s nonsense.  It’s like fighting an uphill battle.


YOu guys know you should always be thinking outside the box.



Why not take that same blog post and reposition it as a facebook status update.  Just plain text.


On the blog the content serves as a lead generating piece.


On facebook the content is building authority and audience.


WHy stop there?


Why not take that same blog post and load it into your autoresponder as a nice healthy email to your list.


In your email the post is designed to be goodwill and keep your list warm.


Why bother sending them back to your blog?


They are already on your list.


WHy do I want to send the core of my audience who are already on my list back to the “storefront?”


They are already where I want them.


Think about it.


DO I want to keep people on my blog or do I want to keep people on my list?


So yeah.  I’ll just send my list the blog post as an email.


My goal is to help them AND stay in business.


Why do I want to send my audience away from the place that generated 80% of my revenue to my crappy blog that they don’t really want to hang out on anyway?


It’s nonsense.


If 50% of my traffic falls off at every decision point…why do I want to send them to meaningless places that have no purpose for them?



If I’m trying to tell a story…if I’m trying to teach something…I can do that right there in the email.



I’ll save the links out for when it matters.



Does that mean you don’t need a blog?



I think you need a blog like McDonald’s needs those Golden Arches.



It’s a face for your business in 2017, not a core.



It’s that idea that people can go somewhere and be surrounded by your business’s message.



They can look at the logo, they can visit the pages, and they can have a sense of belonging to something or being a part of something.  A club mentality, if you will.


It’s an audience strengthening position.



But don’t make the mistake of spending hours upon hours driving traffic to this dead zone that nobody really wants to hang out at anymore.



I bet I can put a 1,000 people in a facebook group faster than I can get a 1,000 comments on a blog post…



Why?  Natural habitats.



People are already on facebook.  They like facebook.  They don’t want to leave facebook.



Get them on your list.






2005 called…they want their BLOGGING back!



I say give it back.



2017 is the year for a new kind of blog.  A Golden Arches kind of blog.


Stop “sharing” your latest “masterpiece” to social media hoping to generate some engagement and start repositioning the damn thing for maximum benefit.



And if you’re wondering when I am going to stop saying the same thing in different ways…



…you just picture that “old dog” pickup basketball guy giving maximum effort playing every game like it’s game seven of the finals…yelling “ball, ball, ball”


…throwing up bricks…and when he finally does make one he just looks at you with that cocky smile like…”I’m gonna be here all day son!  ALL DAY!”


Yeah that’s me sweetheart! And I’ll be here all day long!  Dropping threes on that dome!


I’m Kam, some people call me ZeroFatz and that’s all I got!



I’ll see you in the next one!





Author: KamFatz
Kam Jennings (aka KamFatz) is a full time internet marketer. He is the owner of Epic Conversions Email Marketing and Digital Publishing. He can help you with your email marketing, your podcasting, your product launching and more...

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