How to Rank Blog Posts in SECONDS [case study]

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hey what is up everybody ZeroFatz here AKA Kam Jennings coming at you on behalf of


What you’re looking at is the inside of my Epicconversions website.  We’re looking at a post that i just wrote called “Ten reasons you should never launched another IM product again.”  Pretty cool post.  I just posted it about an hour or two ago, wasn’t very long ago.


I want to test this new plug-in out that I just got called rapid SEO indexer right here.   I just installed it and was supposed to do is it supposed to help my pages and my posts rank really quickly so right now i just posted this today as you can see December 30 2016 and I have shared it.  I’ve shared it on a Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, and Pinterest as well.


I’ve shared to all these places and I’ve done some grassroots kind of promotion for the article on a on facebook as well, but if we look on google and you see I’m not logged in here, there’s no preferential treatment it’s not catering my searches, I’m not logged-in.   Matter of fact I’ll just go to incognito so I’m really, really under the radar.


Now we’ll go to Google here and if I type in “Ten reasons you should never launched another IM product again” that’s a very specific very specific term right right.  I should be able to rank for that already you know.   When I type that in you see I’m not anywhere.  I’m not even on the first page.  I’m not even on the first page for that very specific set of words.


So I’m hoping this SEO indexer tool that i bought is actually going to help me with that.


What we’re going to do is we’re going to go ahead and uh we’re going to come down here because when you install this rapid SEO indexer you got a couple buttons here so we’re going to go ahead and submit to google that’s the first button apparently.   We go request indexing, I’m not a robot, we’re going to crawl on this URL only we’re gonna hit go home all right and it’s complete great, great.  I know what none of this stuff means so I’m not even going to try to attempt to explain that I’m just gonna assume that did its job.


Now we’re gonna go ahead and ping the sitemap also.  Site map pinged  successfully, alright great.  So now I’m going to come back over here and make sure i’m signed out. Make an incognito window and I want to try that again to see if it made any difference.


Wow there it is man right there right at the top. “Ten reasons you should never launched another IM product again.”  That’s great man, that’s great.   I just went to the top on that in about two seconds.   Amazing, love it, I love it.


Anyways that’s the newest plugin from Mark Hess and he’s the guy behind Download Express that’s a plug-in that i use for my membership site.  That’s the plug-in that i use from my product launches.   I really like Mark, he does a great job on his plugins, amazing customer support, if you have any problems.


So this is this newest one, called Rapid SEO Indexer.  Well worth your ten bucks.  You saw how fast it worked for me.   I think if you use this it will definitely improve your google organic traffic, there’s just no doubt about that.  When you can just rank effortlessly like that at the touch of a button, I mean how do you beat it.


Anyways that’s all I got I’ll see you guys in the next one.  I hope this has been helpful.  I’ll put a link to that product below this video so check it out peace.


Kam (aka ZeroFatz)

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