Burning the Candle at Both Ends…

It’s been a pretty rough week for yours truly.  I’ve been knee deep in launch preparations for the last several days.  Late nights and all…


But that is what I wanted to talk to you about.
What has me up all night and losing sleep?


I’ve been getting something very, very special ready for you.


You see, it’s well understood that content marketing is the cheapest way to market on the planet right now.  Also, it’s the most sustainable, brand building, foundation strengthening way to market as well.


So if we all know that stuff then why aren’t there more people putting out amazing content and getting tons of results with said content?



First, creating amazing content can be kind of hard.  Especially if you haven’t really done anything amazing.


Second, it’s not enough to put out amazing content.  You also have to get other people to care about it.  Seriously, it’s not good enough just to put out great content.  You need to get people interested in it.


You need people sharing it.


Well, those are two pretty big problems that a lot of people are facing.  And they are the exact problems that I created the Parabolic Content Engine to solve.



You heard me right boss.  The Parabolic Content Engine.


The Parabolic Content Engine is a video course that teaches you how to produce consistent fresh content that inspires sharing and builds networking with influencers.


This is a 14 video course with step by step instructions walking you through the process of how to find a subject that people care about, how to title to grab attention, and how to create content fast, efficient, and in high quality that has a very high probability to get shared.


It is special.


This course will solve your content problems AND your obscurity problems in about an hour.


I don’t create courses to just solve problems though.


I create them to change lives.


I believe that if you apply the tactics and strategies inside Parabolic Content Engine, it will show you an entirely new way to look at what you do on the internet and it very well could change your entire life.


I’ve rambled on enough about it for now.  I am extremely proud of PCE and I know it will help you.  It’s worth your time and your money.


That’s all I got for now.  I’ll see you in the next one!


Kam Jennings (aka ZeroFatz)
Author: KamFatz
Kam Jennings (aka KamFatz) is a full time internet marketer. He is the owner of Epic Conversions Email Marketing and Digital Publishing. He can help you with your email marketing, your podcasting, your product launching and more...

2 thoughts on “Burning the Candle at Both Ends…

  1. Loved the YouTube review of Alessandro’s Cheatsheet Generator. It provided many minutes of completely unexpected “Wait… what…?” Thanks for making my week!

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