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A life asleep at the wheel?

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“I Am Jack’s Complete Lack of Surprise”


Seriously, 2008 called…they want their click bait back.


Let’s stop trying for a second and just write.


What if you didn’t think about how to get more traffic to your blog?

What if you stopped caring about how to get more people to buy your eBook?

What if you ceased to give a shit what anyone thought about your video?


What if you just hit record?

What if you just wrote?

A few months ago I started writing a book called “undefeated.”  It is a strange book because it was supposed to be about time management but let me be honest with you…


My father had just died of cancer and I was mad at God for it.  I really was.  The book made that pretty obvious.


How do you turn a book about time management into a rant against God?


I never had the balls to put the book out.  Maybe someday.


My job is internet marketing.


It’s a job that I created with my bare fucking hands.  My dad never understood it.  Sometimes I don’t understand it.


I work in a place where barbarians slay dragons and wizards pull bags of gold out of thin fucking air.  To succeed here it requires absolute dedication to your craft.


To change a generationally impoverished kid from Ohio, who in all fairness had a career spot reserved for him at the factory down the road…to change him into a full time internet marketer…


…it required obsession.


“Hey dad can you help me build a Lego castle?”

“Not tonight son, daddy has to do a coaching call.”

“Hey dad can you read a book with me?”

“I promise we will do that tomorrow son, right now I have to do this blog post.”


I said I was mad at God.  It’s fair to say though that I was also mad at myself.  That whole “get to 6 figures” goal takes obsession.  Obsession makes for a shitty dad.


This whole “make money online” thing is not the dream you were sold on sales pages.  At least that hasn’t been my experience.


I spend a lot of time sitting at my computer.  People don’t understand why.  Sometimes I don’t understand why myself.


But I am blessed.


Make no mistake about it.  I earn more money now working for myself than I ever did working at a company.


I feel the tides shifting in my favor.


That scares me though because in my life I have always known good fortune to arrive with something bitter.  You know what I mean?


“Oh congratulations on hitting 6 figures this year, by the way your wife wants a divorce because you’re not emotionally there enough for her…”


That’s the universe and sweet irony.


Does my fear matter?




Here’s the thing.  No matter what is taken away from me.  No matter what is given to me.  No matter what people say or think about me.  No matter what people feel I deserve or don’t deserve…


The truth is we are all on an island.


And we get to decide if that island is treacherous or if it is beautiful.  My island has more beauty than danger but you know I don’t have it all figured out.


I’m still figuring it out.


I just released an information product last week that I created out of thin air.  It produced over $4,000 in revenue in less than 7 days.


I was up until 3:30am last night trying to convince myself that I wasn’t having a heart attack.  I was having an anxiety attack.


Breath in…breath out.  Calm down.


I’m still figuring it out.


My island is still wrought with danger.


This is what it looks like when I stop being a marketer and start being a person.




“At the end of the day Goddammit I’m killing this shit…” to quote Kanye West.


I’ll file this one under motivational and maybe it helps someone flip the switch that saves them from a life asleep at the wheel.  Maybe.


As for me?  I’m not stopping.  I don’t stop.  Train roll on…


God bless you all.


That’s all I got.

-Kam (aka ZeroFatz)

About the Author zerofatz

Kam Jennings (aka ZeroFatz) is a full time mid-level internet marketer who makes 5 figures a year selling information products online. He is not rich and does not drive a BMW…However he does support a family of four with what he earns online. He specializes in Youtube, inbound marketing, product creation, membership sites and affiliate marketing.

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Alaa says October 22, 2016

Man I totally understand you.
Doing this online marketing thing and going for the big wins takes a lot of time.
But that should never be corrupting our relationships and connections with our beloved ones.
Stay strong man!
Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts with us.

    zerofatz says October 22, 2016

    hey thanks for checking it out man!

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