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I’ve always been a fan of traffic maximization. That is…taking a small amount of targeted traffic and making sure that you are using it correctly. Because honestly a lot of us don’t.


[A demo of Dave Dekel using insane traffic maximization tactics]


When I was running my last membership site I turned a thousand visitors a month into thousands.  But still yet what if I could have done more?

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Currently Epic Conversions (my blog) gets around 50 visitors a day. It has a bounce rate of 70% to 80%. That’s a lot of bouncing (or the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page.)


What if I could redirect that bounced traffic instantly?


Could that increase my conversion rates?


Could that increase my opt-in rates?


Could I redirect that traffic to an about me page where I tell my bounced traffic an engaging story and re-engage them?


You know I could. And I’m not a unicorn. You could too.


Automatic maximization of bounced traffic.


That is what David Dekel showed me today.  Dave has a new plug-in that will take your bounce traffic and redirect it automatically to wherever you want.


Could you use this the wrong way and get zero results?  yeah.  But would it be really easy to use this the right way and get great results?




What if I redirected my bounce traffic from a review on a product right to the product sales page?


What if I redirected bounce traffic from my blog article to an about me page where I tell an engaging story and direct them to an opt-in below?


What if  I redirect bounce traffic from my home page to my youtube channel?


Like I said before you guys.  I’m not a unicorn.  We can all use something this powerful.


And if you save your pennies you can probably make this happen at the ripe old price of around 6 bucks.


So get your plug-in, and email me back and compare notes.  I know I personally am picking this one up.  And I will be doing a video about that.  But do you really want to wait to see what I am going to do?


Be in the front for a change you know?


That’s all I got!  I’ll see you in the next one!


Go crush it!



Kam (aka Zerofatz)

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