He put 14k people on his email list in 11 months! | Interview with Solo Ad John

Have you ever felt like solo ads were just another rip off?


You might have tried solo ads before and been ripped off.  Pretty easy to do, especially if your new at it.  The fact of the matter is you need to be looking in the right places and you need to be talking to the right people.  YOu need to have the right message and you need to have the right squeeze page.  Woah…that’s a whole lot of needs right?


Getting kind of needy around here…lol


I want to introduce you to a very special guest now though.  He has spent the last 11 months doing nothing but building his list with solo ads and email marketing to said list.  He’s gotten really good at it.


I’d like to introduce you guys to Solo Ad John!

You guys know about Solo Ad John?


Today on the zerofatzreturns channel I am joined by a guy who has entrenched himself deep in the solo ad industry.  He has put over 14,000 people on his email list over the last 11 months using solo ads and wrote a book about it.


The Email Architect is John’s first product ever and it details what is current, relevant, and what worked for him over the last 11 months building a huge list with solo ads.  It’s going to allow you to skip the failures and the disappointment, and jump right to targeted traffic and consistent daily income.


What I think is really cool about John is that he really hasn’t done anything else these last 11 months besides list building with solo ads and email marketing.  He has been 100% focused on getting good at this one skill and as a result he has gotten very good at it.


In this interview I ask John about good places to find reputable solo ad vendors.  I talk to him about optimal squeeze page design.  I talk to him about list building in general and his personal road to success in the solo ad industry.


Make sure you get over here and check out John’s new book, The Email Architect!

solo ads and email marketing
The Email Architect teaches solo ads and email marketing


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