What if there was no wasted traffic? | A Review of Unlimited Traffic Machine

What if there was no wasted traffic?



That is one of the main questions that Billy Darr and company tackled inside Unlimited Traffic Machine.  They figured out a way to just FLOOD your website or offer with traffic, and then actually not waste a single bit of it.


I’m serious.

For example, traditionally, you would buy a solo ad, run some facebook traffic, or even run some nice organic free traffic to an offer or a lead magnet.



Some of those people would convert for you and some of them wouldn’t.



Let’s say that you convert at 40%.  Well that’s 60% that didn’t convert and that traffic is for all intensive purposes wasted.



Not anymore.  These guys have ways upon ways of using that traffic.




On top of that they have this really cool funnel to show you that has converted fantastically for them.



The other thing that has me pretty excited about Unlimited Traffic Machine is the case study that they are going to record.  They are going to show us how they generate 6 figures every 14 days using the same tactics they teach inside.



They are going to do it live and then once it’s done they are going to put it on the download page.


That’s a few of the reasons why I decided to promote this course.  I think it’s really cool and unique.   You can get it for about 5 bucks.  Seems like a no lose situation to me.



As always don’t hesitate to hit me up if you have questions about this one or want to brag about your success.  I love to hear peoples success stories on stuff I recommended.  It never gets old!



That’s all I got!

Be safe this weekend!



Kam (aka ZeroFatz)

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