A brief introduction…


Let me start this off by quoting the United States Copyright Office:

[thrive_testimonial name=”U.S Copyright Office” company=”” image=”http://epicconversions.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Uncle-Sam-World-War-2-Poster.png”]“Copyright law does not protect names, titles, or short phrases or expressions. Even if a name, title, or short phrase is novel or distinctive or lends itself to a play on words, it cannot be protected by copyright. The U.S. Copyright Office cannot register claims to exclusive rights in brief combinations of words such as: • Names of products or services • Names of businesses, organizations, or groups (including the names of performing groups) • Pseudonyms of individuals (including pen or stage names) • Titles of works • Catchwords, catchphrases, mottoes, slogans, or short advertising expressions • Listings of ingredients, as in recipes, labels, or formulas. When a recipe or formula is accompanied by an explanation or directions, the text directions may be copyrightable, but the recipe or formula itself remains uncopyrightable.” [/thrive_testimonial]



…and a link for you http://www.copyright.gov/circs/circ34.pdf



Now if you don’t live in the U.S. you should check your countries copyright laws before you start trying to just use everything.


If you live in my country (the U.S.A) then you can take what the Copyright Office said however you want to take it.  If I were you I would take it right on over to the bank.  Knowledge is power.


One brief note.  Sometimes a list of things that has been compiled is copyrightable.  The list itself can be considered a form of expression.  So if you think it would be a good idea to write a book called “X number of subject lines that can explode opt-in rates” then you’re absolutely right…however you better not pull them from the same exact source and you better change your orders around or else you will be infringing on someone else’s form of expression.



Happy hunting.


And now for the main even…

[thrive_text_block color=”blue” headline=”Now on with the 353 compelling subject lines by the numbers…”] [/thrive_text_block]

  1. The Ultimate Facebook “Cheat Sheet”
  2. Check out my new “man cave” [PICS]
  3. How to write a promotional email
  4. [Closing Tomorrow] Don’t get shut out… again!
  5. Thank You!
  6. Amazon app cherry-picks hottest products for you…
  7. Step up your video marketing game
  8. [name] — do you have 10 minutes for a conversation?
  9. It’s landing page magic…
  10. 212 blog post ideas
  11. Finally! Facebook releases…
  12. Download This Social Media Swipe File (PDF)
  13. This Free book changed my business…
  14. THIS Increased Conversions 24%?!?
  15. 10x [name]’s traction in 10 minutes
  16. [Case Study] Copy & paste this $10 million business…
  17. Copy & paste this $10 million business…
  18. Social media traffic (Your 6-step plan)
  19. Last chance – T&C Closing at Midnight TONIGHT!
  20. No blog comments?
  21. The ideal length of everything online
  22. What are you doing this weekend?
  23. My favorite automation tools
  24. Answers to the Facebook Pixel Madness
  25. Everybody’s waiting for you…
  26. 11 sneaky email tricks
  27. How to follow up like a screaming BOSS!
  28. Hoping to help
  29. This guy makes 6 figures per month?
  30. How to master the continuity effect…
  31. 2 killer blog post templates
  32. Do NOT sell on Amazon without this $10 tool…
  33. Facebook closing down?
  34. How to be making money all hours of the day…
  35. Paid traffic not converting? Download this…
  36. Are you missing one of these FIVE steps?
  37. Think like a Facebook ad pro…
  38. [URGENT] You’ve got ONE DAY to watch this…
  39. Wanna pick an $80 Million brain…
  40. Read this before clicking “Send”
  41. Would Self-Hypnosis Help You Achieve Your Goals?
  42. [Template] Create engaging Facebook images
  43. I made you a video…
  44. You an Amazon Bestseller?
  45. Private Invite
  46. Earn $90,000 a Year sending one stupid email a day
  47. Content idea generator [Free Resource 1 of 3]
  48. I found you through [referral name]
  49. Did You Know this about [topic of interest]?
  50. Kindle bestseller in 4 days?
  51. Twitter is the new… Facebook?!
  52. Arrested for printing money?
  53. Score your landing page
  54. How (and why) to calculate Average Customer Value
  55. My Facebook retargeting plan
  56. Interact with the industry’s brightest minds at the QuickSprout Forum
  57. Merry Christmas to You!
  58. 10 options to get started…
  59. Split Test This, Not That
  60. The Story of “The Vagabonds”
  61. Gold In Your Mailbox
  62. How to craft a guarantee that sells
  63. [SWIPE] Our best email copy
  64. [FREE PDF] Ultimate Email Marketing Game-Plan
  65. How Emily Faith got 76,974 YouTube views in 10 days…
  66. 32 split testing ideas
  67. This critique gets uncomfortable at times
  68. C’mon – everybody’s waiting for you…
  69. (time sensitive) Last night’s Funnel training…
  70. Questions about War Room?
  71. Inverted Web Analytics?
  72. How to Stop Ho-Hum Marketing
  73. [IMPORTANT] Gmail Webinar TODAY!
  74. This gets my highest recommendation
  75. Join me in congratulating…
  76. Get your first 1,000 blog subscribers
  77. Swipe my Email Game-Plan (PDF) – Offer | Self-Interest
  78. 7 split testing mistakes
  79. [Case Study] Numbers don’t lie
  80. How to get broad and global reach fast
  81. Reach 6,372,857 people with zero ad spend
  82. [SECOND CHANCE] This weekend only…
  83. New tool changes webinars forever…
  84. Should you follow your passion?
  85. Facebook’s New Lead Ads (What you need to know)
  86. BIG news from YouTube
  87. [JUST RELEASED] More T&C Tickets Available…
  88. Traffic for the eCommerce biz
  89. The Perfect Webinar Funnel
  90. The AdWords Remarketing “Easy Button”
  91. [the e.e. cummings subject line] (use all lower case)
  92. Limited-time open enrollment…
  93. The Machine is coming…
  94. A [benefit] for [name]
  95. Pulling FBAdpower DOWN…
  96. Ex-construction worker earns $309/day with…
  97. Steal our best subject lines
  98. Only open if your business will do at least 7-figures this year…
  99. Uncomplicate your analytics
  100. 85% sale ends today
  101. Facebook sucks
  102. T&C is selling out! Only 32 seats left!
  103. Get your Facebook advertising plan
  104. SEO is dying (a slow and painful death)…
  105. I feel kinda sorry for you…
  106. Write a Blockbuster in 30 Days
  107. How to Automate and Delegate your way to freedom!
  108. Question about [goal]
  109. 10 mins – ?
  110. 3 proven FB campaigns to run today…
  111. The Ultimate Course on Paid Traffic
  112. [Mutual connection] recommended I get in touch
  113. 100,000 unique visitors PER MONTH…
  114. TRAFFIC (on a “shoestring” budget)
  115. Is email marketing dead?
  116. Native Ad Hacks?
  117. More Internet Marketers use aweber because…
  118. Rice, gasoline and website traffic?
  119. Download this Social Media Swipe File (PDF)
  120. How to scale your business
  121. Create the perfect marketing calendar
  122. Still doing it the old way?
  123. [SWIPE] 10 Best Customer Survey Questions
  124. [URGENT] Emergency Gmail Webinar Tomorrow, 7/24!
  125. 2 huge mobile marketing opportunities
  126. Low Conversion Rate? Fix These 6 Elements.
  127. Can This Marriage Be Saved?
  128. FINAL NOTICE: Only 11 seats left!
  129. 321% higher conversions using THIS…
  130. How to hire a content marketer
  131. Boost your email clickthroughs by 200%
  132. The “Mystery Man” Behind 500 Product Launches…
  133. [Almost Gone] New T&C Tickets going fast…
  134. LAST CHANCE for Livestreaming…
  135. “Panda” update for Facebook?
  136. Unlimited penny traffic…
  137. Only 187 free copies of Frank’s book left…
  138. [TONIGHT] My proven funnel system revealed…
  139. Facebook Ad Targeting Options [A Complete Guide]
  140. My favorite business model
  141. Can’t Buy FB Traffic?
  142. Steal these email templates…
  143. New site and new sales in 3 days or less?!
  144. Start with this funnel
  145. Meet me at ICON (and save $300)…
  146. How I “busted-up” Google’s monopoly…
  147. How to craft a winning 3-part followup series
  148. How to quadruple your time-effectiveness in 24 hours!
  149. The free books are all gone…
  150. The YouTube Gold Mine
  151. I LOVE this little tool!
  152. Double sales (Get the formula)
  153. [RESULTS] My Facebook Case Study
  154. [FINAL CHANCE] 7-figure blueprint gone tonight…
  155. Software cherry-picks the hottest leads for you…
  156. 5,219% ROI from new traffic source
  157. This is embarrassing but…
  158. 1 cent CLICKS?! (open up)…
  159. [80% Discount] Game-changing software…
  160. Jeff Walker could be anywhere. Right now he’s…
  161. Facebook Video Ads | The Ultimate Guide
  162. Can we meet in San Diego?
  163. [SPOOKY NOTICE] 82% off T&C Tickets (CLOSING 24 hours)
  164. A 15.2% lift (but we were shocked)
  165. Introduction: [your name] [prospect’s name]
  166. If I had to start all over again…
  167. [Leads] Scaling from 50 to 5,000+
  168. Free 68 page book Interview With A Mega-Bestseller
  169. 198% ROI on Twitter Ads
  170. [REVEALED] Turn Likes into email subscribers fast…
  171. [Last Chance] Create the perfect funnel…
  172. Zero to 30K Page Views in 11 Weeks…
  173. Don’t make these 7 AdWords mistakes
  174. How to write bullets that sell…
  175. Do not open this email
  176. I LOVE this amazing little tool!
  177. ①⓪① ways to boost email open rates
  178. Blog posts that sell (A complete guide)
  179. Find writers for your blog
  180. Get More Email Newsletter Clicks
  181. Make Money While You Sleep…
  182. Create your own digital magazine (no iPhone/iPad required)
  183. Dirt cheap Facebook leads
  184. My Gift to you…
  185. Become a “Customer Acquisition Specialist”
  186. I’m pulling the plug…
  187. How to Build an Unstoppable Business (2nd Edition)
  188. Facebook “panic” is great news for you…
  189. This has nothing to do with marketing…
  190. [New Video] 1,000,000 customers in 11 months? We have proof.
  191. (time sensitive) Last night’s Funnel training…
  192. [NEW FORMULA] Cheap, Targeted Facebook Traffic
  193. TGIF!
  194. Would You Do THIS For Money?
  195. [FLASH SALE] Get targeted FB leads for dirt cheap…
  196. [Free Book] The $10 million discovery (limited
  197. Tired of Making Your Boss Rich?
  198. Better than Facebook?
  199. A very direct (and some might even say, “RUDE”) email
  200. Pounce on these shifts in digital marketing
  201. This 1 “weird trick” is worth the trip
  202. Want to look at our email stats?
  203. Facebook Ads (Your first 3 steps)
  204. I LOVE this little Facebook tool!
  205. Your 7-figure plan goes bye-bye at midnight…
  206. Don’t buy this from Amazon!
  207. Big Celebrity Announcement
  208. More shocking Social Media Stuff…
  209. MAJOR announcement! (big changes at DM)
  210. A simple sales copy formula
  211. [FLASH SALE] 51% off sale ends tonight…
  212. [NEWS] EmailWorld 2013 Sept. 24th and 25th in San Diego, CA
  213. Does your marketing smell funny?
  214. [CLOSING TONIGHT] T&C tickets GONE tonight…
  215. Two Words: Cheap Traffic!
  216. … this failed miserably
  217. Still haven’t launched your funnel?
  218. How to choke your toughest prospects into conversions
  219. My favorite market research tool
  220. I was wrong…
  221. Can I help you build your sales funnel?
  222. Hi [name], [question]?
  223. Presenting: “Funnel 2.0”
  224. The Remarketing Grid
  225. Facebook OWNS Google…
  226. How to get paid [Literally]
  227. 29 Landing Page Reviews (Plus…)
  228. Breaking News…
  229. [Gone Sunday] Your traffic training replay is available..
  230. The 10-Minute Bloggers Editorial Plan
  231. Will 2014 be better than 2013?
  232. Turn Ideas into Million-Dollar Products
  233. My Twitter Ads Cheat Sheet
  234. We beat up this landing page
  235. The Machine is LIVE… here’s your link
  236. Need my help?
  237. [NEWS] 5th Annual Traffic & Conversion Summit OPEN
  238. My new book! (and a big mistake)
  239. Less _______ = More Sales [SURVEY]
  240. Copy and paste these 72 headlines [Last Chance]
  241. [TEST RESULTS] 2,689 leads from “On Site Retargeting”
  242. I do THIS for traffic…
  243. This sucks, you lose…
  244. Feeling blue? Like puppies?
  245. The PERFECT Facebook Ad
  246. No list & NO partners = sales in 3 days?!
  247. Facebook is cracking down… HARD!
  248. Should I stay or should I go?
  249. 21 landing page mistakes
  250. Your “On Demand” bootcamp replay…
  251. [RESULTS] My Facebook Case Study
  252. This is working on Facebook right now
  253. [NEW POST] How To Build an Email Marketing Machine
  254. Avoiding the “Facebook ban hammer”
  255. [no subject line]
  256. Get your business funded in 2014 [Case Study]
  257. [PROOF] How to get 10 cent email leads from Facebook…
  258. My 2016 business plan…
  259. [WEEKEND ONLY] Get this NOW before it’s gone…
  260. Re:
  261. Your funnel is broken…
  262. ☠This is rated aaarrrgh! (details inside)
  263. Product: eCommerce EP
  264. I’m closing it down!
  265. Press Releases More Powerful Than Ever?
  266. Facebook Ad Case Study [listen to Part 3]
  267. [FINAL PLAYING] Emergency Gmail Webinar!
  268. Is this the hottest career in marketing?
  269. Twitter Traffic (In an hour a day)
  270. Will this KILL your business in 2014?
  271. Who was Wonder Woman’s Role Model?
  272. How HostGator does retargeting
  273. [TEMPLATE] Cold email anyone and get a response
  274. How to run a cost effective marketing strategy
  275. $100 or $100.00? (It makes a difference)
  276. Weird traffic test…
  277. Watch live? From anywhere?
  278. The PERFECT traffic platform?
  279. “Borrow” all my checklists…
  280. Where is the love?
  281. 212 Blog Post Ideas (PDF)
  282. Use THIS to become an Authority (in ANY market)…
  283. Facebook traffic is dead?
  284. Copy and paste these 72 headlines [Last Chance]
  285. [name], A Free Viral Traffic Maker Income Machine!
  286. X tips/ideas for [pain point]
  287. T&C 2016 closing soon?
  288. Reduce shopping cart abandonment
  289. Good news for people who love bad news…
  290. 28,507 leads in 45 days
  291. Idea for [topic the prospect cares about]
  292. Our next steps…
  293. [FLASH SALE] This is how we get traffic from Amazon
  294. Why 2,976 People bought [insert product here]
  295. New DigitalMarketer Training Center
  296. No more discounts on T&C!
  297. Create opt-in pages that convert like crazy
  298. 23 bizarre products selling online
  299. Announced 306% increase in FB traffic?
  300. Sales up, Refunds down, Retention…
  301. Conversion vs. Content
  302. How to sell tickets to live events
  303. Happy Thanksgiving!
  304. 5 Ways to advertise to target markets and get RESULTS!
  305. Your DEADline is tonight! 82% off dies at midnight…
  306. Bad news and good news…
  307. [Podcast] Frank Kern on Paid Traffic
  308. Did you get what you were looking for?
  309. You are not alone.
  310. How I get dirt-cheap, high-quality traffic…
  311. 3-Part Followup Series [Download]
  312. “I just want the recordings…”
  313. [PART 2] See how I got $0.10 email optins…
  314. Important letter for you
  315. My business model… on a napkin?
  316. A quick YouTube hack
  317. [URGENT] About today’s traffic training…
  318. A Native Ad in 60 Minutes or Less
  319. 5 reasons why you’re still failing at…
  320. Do you HATE money?
  321. A visit to Facebook (Here’s what we learned)
  322. You on Facebook?
  323. A slick mobile lead gen funnel
  324. Tim Ferriss says “Hi”
  325. 2 BRAND-NEW certifications launched today
  326. Can’t Make The Trip?
  327. The 3-step Content Marketing plan
  328. [Case Study] $188,674 from a dead list
  329. [CASE STUDY] AZ shoe store 20X’d sales by sending what?
  330. Stop writing NEW blog posts. Here’s why…
  331. The Facebook Slap is coming…
  332. Our top Facebook ad campaigns
  333. [Finally] Get this Proven Digital Marketing Blueprint
  334. [ONLY $7] My “cheap traffic” plan
  335. T&C CLOSING! Only 61 spots left!
  336. Apple Newsstand training is CLOSING
  337. Good News… Your 1st sale in 3 days…
  338. I hope they’re not mad…
  339. Last chance for Apple Newsstand training [FREE RESOURCE]
  340. Thank You! – Humanity
  341. How to multitask like a demon!
  342. Seriously, get this book.
  343. just 25min per day {newbie friendly}
  344. Your Marketing Sucks: Why You Need to Think…
  345. Ahhh, San Diego! Spanish for…
  346. [Open NOW] The Digital Publishing Blueprint is LIVE!
  347. WANTED: Professional Content Marketers
  348. 4 emails with stellar click-through rates
  349. Turn ice cold prospects into buyers
  350. My Gift to you…
  351. THIS disappears at midnight!
  352. 3 Tools to Simplify Your Marketing
  353. FW: Did you miss this yesterday?


[thrive_text_block color=”blue” headline=”Conclusion”] [/thrive_text_block]

Well, that’s about it.  I just stole the shit out of a bunch of people’s subject lines and served them up to you on a silver platter.  This post probably took less work than anything else on Epic Conversions…however if the universe and sweet irony have their way…

..it will probably be my most popular blog post.


Go figure.


I’m Kam Jennings, some people call me ZeroFatz and that’s all I got! Go make some money! (queue “Tire Me” by Rage Against the Machine)

Author: KamFatz
Kam Jennings (aka KamFatz) is a full time internet marketer. He is the owner of Epic Conversions Email Marketing and Digital Publishing. He can help you with your email marketing, your podcasting, your product launching and more...


  1. really awesome list of subject lines Kam and I am always referring back to this for ideas & inspiration for my own email subject titles and even blog post ideas… Thanks a lot for more awesome info…

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