5 things I learned about about affiliate marketing from Hugh Glass and The Revenant!

I watched the Revenant last night…

…well most of it.  I started falling out at about 1am.  Not because the movie was bad…the movie was amazing.  But I have been pulling pretty long days since I started this launch cycle for Affiliate Rising.


Anyways…like I said, this movie was scary awesome.  The scene with the Grizzly Bear attacking Hugh Glass (the main character) was absolutely painful and fantastic at the same time to watch.  It was extremely realistic to me, even down to the bear breathing hot air on the camera.  I’m not even sure how they did that but it looked spectacular.


It occurred to me today that I could do a blog post on this whole movie.  Maybe even anytime that something inspires or moves me on some level…I should be able to conjure up a blog post about it.


Do you agree?

I mean, I am in the business of motivation, inspiration, and helping people make more money.  It seems to make sense to me that if something inspires me, then I should be able to transfer that energy somehow or someway into something creative that can do the same for others.


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Tough Sonofabitch!
Tough Sonofabitch!
  1. Hugh Glass was a tough sonofabitch. He survived a damn Grizzly bear attack. A lot of bad things happened to him in this movie but he kept on breathing no matter what.  He kept on moving forward.  He was relentless.

I think that is a good lesson for anyone who wants to be an affiliate marketer.  Be relentless in your imperfect action.


Family First
Family First


  1. He put his son first and he kept him close. He went out of his way to protect him in every situation. And when things finally broke down and his son died, he truly took the time to feel that loss and honor him.


To be even mildly successful at affiliate marketing and making money online in general I have had to sacrifice a lot of free time.  Success becomes like an elusive bird that you struggle to catch only to watch her fly just out of reach…and by the time you do catch her…your eye is on another elusive bird just out of reach. 

That is the nature of success, fickle mistress that always leaves you wanting a little more.  I want to rein that ambition in and spend time with my family, the ones that are healthy and the ones that are not.  Glass was a bad ass but he always put his family first.


Be decisive in action
Be decisive in action
  1. Hugh Glass did not move in an indecisive way. Throughout the movie he made decisions and he followed through with them, no matter what anyone else said.  Even when people were telling him he was dead wrong and was going to get them all killed.  He ignored those people and always did what he thought was best.  Moving with this level of confidence made him a strong leader and men did indeed follow him and listen to what he had to say.


Trying to navigate the waters of the “make money online” space is tricky.  It’s easy to be distracted by the next cool thing.  It’s important to ask questions like, “What is the science of this thing?”  “How does this connect to money and do I understand it?”  And then once you make a decision, it’s important to move with confidence and have faith in yourself and your vision.


Don't be an island
Don’t be an island
  1. There was a scene in the movie where Glass befriended an indian to help him on his journey back to civilization. Glass was a trapper, a scout, and a survivor in a time where people did not like indians.  But Glass was different.  His son was half indian.  He had no misgivings about the race.  He dealt in realities and practicality.  He survived by networking in this case.  Now I thought this was amazing because if you think about how much of a bad ass at survival Hugh Glass was…to think that a man like this was not prideful at all and reached out to a stranger was really interesting to me.


As someone who is trying to make money online and is guilty of trying to put myself on an island all the time, it is an important lesson that to survive and to thrive it is important to network with my peers.


Never compromise your vision
Never compromise your vision
  1. Let me be honest with you here. The Revenant is immersive and visceral.  I mean it, this movie is unreal the way it looks.  It’s a beautiful movie.  One of the contributing factors for this was the fact that they refused to use artificial light.  They wanted this all natural light, immersive type experience.  The effect was astounding.  To do this they really had to spend a lot more money.  Now I really take this to heart because think about…they would not compromise their vision.  It was strategic in nature and no matter the cost they wanted to do it a certain way because of a certain reason.


I have found that whenever I apply focused strategy in my business and then see it through to my vision, regardless of what anyone else thinks, I generally win.  It’s a valuable lesson to take to heart.


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Anyways, those are 5 things that I really took away from The Revenant, after watching it once last night.  It was an astounding movie in its storytelling and its realism.  I think pretty much anyone could have a takeaway from a movie like this.  But I took away these 5:

  1. Be a tough sonofabitch. YOU need thick skin to make it here.
  2. Don’t forget your family. They are the reason you’re doing this.
  3. Move with decisive action. Understand the problem in front of you and make a decision.
  4. Always be networking.
  5. Never compromise your vision.


Great lessons for anyone looking to make money online to take to heart.  In my opinion there is no easier more sustainable way to start doing that than by mastering the fine art of affiliate marketing.  My new course Affiliate Rising is designed for beginners, it’s 5 steps and it will lead to you your first 1,000 bucks.  Come with me now… 


All that being said, I’m Kam (aka ZeroFatz) and that all I got!



I’ll see you in the next one!




Author: KamFatz
Kam Jennings (aka KamFatz) is a full time internet marketer. He is the owner of Epic Conversions Email Marketing and Digital Publishing. He can help you with your email marketing, your podcasting, your product launching and more...

2 thoughts on “5 things I learned about about affiliate marketing from Hugh Glass and The Revenant!

  1. Lol Kam you just gave me a great movie to watch, I just looked it up on IMDB and I think now I will watch it from an affiliate marketer perspective.
    I do the same when I am overwhelmed with work and get frustrated, I just find a motivational movies and it’s like getting pumped up with gas to work further.

    Affiliate marketing requires consistency and persistency just like an online business and those lessons from “The Revenant” are an inspiration for any affiliate marketers indeed.

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