3 Unique and Action Driven Ways to Build an Email List Effectively… | New Book by Lee Murray!

Its all you need Lee Murray review

“Dang, I just noticed that I’m kind of an A-hole…” – taken from Lee Murray’s It’s All You Need.


Lee Murray is polarizing.  Let’s start there.


You either love him or hate him.  There is no in between.  He is classically misunderstood, criticized for his shenanigans, and I am pretty sure he is a GD genius.




But the people who inspire me…the people who really help me in this business, I have found that they are all like that.  They are all polarizing in some way.

Lee Murray is kind of an asshole.  He ALSO pretty much single handedly taught me how to write a sales letter that converts.  He inspired me to write in my own voice and not worry about what was right or the “science” of sales or email copy.


Oh yeah…he is also an expert at list building and email marketing.


I mean that.  Absolute top shelf expert.


This guy was living in a homeless shelter when he decided that he was going to learn how to build a list and practice effective email marketing.


He dedicated himself to the art.



He has been through hell and lived to tell the tale…and all of that with a smile and a joke for you.


So how far has he come since living in that homeless shelter?


Well, if you wanted him to write you a sales letter now it would cost you about 5k.


Trust me.  He knows what he is doing.



It’s All You Need is the newest work released by Lee Murray.  It’s his first release of 2016.  I just finished reading my copy.


It’s awesome man.  3 unique and fast action ways to build an email list.  It is jam packed full of true value, step by step learning, and of course Lee Murray’s jokes and classically misunderstood humor throughout the whole thing.


If you want to learn how to build an email list this is for you.  Also, If you want to learn how to write better sales copy study this book as well.  It’s for you.


If you don’t care about that stuff and you hate strange jokes and weird dudes who are really good at what they do…then move on man…this is NOT for you.

I just want to say one more thing here.  When you are reading this book, understand you are in the presence of a master.  Someone who has been there and done that.  Every single thing in the book…no matter how off the cuff you might think it appears…understand it is all there for a reason.


Learn from it.




Kam (aka ZeroFatz)

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2 thoughts on “3 Unique and Action Driven Ways to Build an Email List Effectively… | New Book by Lee Murray!

  1. I’ve picked up my own copy EVEN though I had a review copy people #IWantedTheBonuses!

    Check it out, Lee is a beast and I love his writing style.

    His content is really broken down well too.


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