A hurricane like no other… (Unstoppable Traffic X by the numbers)

Unstoppable Traffic X review

Hurricane Dexter is back!


You remember “Hurrican” Dexter, right?  I am talking about the guy who’s computer broke down on him just hours before his first product launch and he raced through a tsunami across town to get a back up.

Hurricane Dexter
Hurricane Dexter


Why?  Because Dex never quits.  Never.  No matter the odds.



And this time he brought out the big guns.  He was looking to find the most sought after, most closely guarded secrets of internet marketers and their traffic tactics.


This is the stuff that you DON’T see on youtube.  The stuff that you have to crawl around in abandoned mine shafts under creepy old houses and duck monsters and thieves to find (a little Goonies reference for you there…too old? lol).


To do it he had to look outside of his own realm of expertise.  He had to consult some heavy hitters.  Some people who make a lot of money on the internet driving traffic and have been doing so for years.



Here are the people Hurricane did in depth interviews with to pick their brains on every little trick they had when it comes to driving targeted traffic:




  • Ray Lane -Exposing The Secret Laser Targeted Traffic System that brought him well over 20,000 affiliate sales, built huge lists and made him thousands of dollars.


  • Cyril “Jeet” Gupta – Disclosing The “Million View Per Day” Secret Of Cyril Gupta Making Him Thousands Of Dollars Every Month Real Passive Income Using A Very Secret Traffic Source.


  • Sam Robinson – Disclosing The Zero To Six Figure Income Of Sam Robinson In Less Than 12 Months Using Absolutely Free Traffic Sources.


  • Kristie Chiles – Unveiling The Most Kept Secret Of YouTube Queen Kristie Chiles That Gets Her Thousands Of Eye Balls In As Fast As 15 Minutes And Making Her THOUSANDS of Sales.


  • Adam Payne – Unveiling the Magic Traffic Secrets of Adam Payne which generates him real passive income for years to come using absolutely Free Traffic Sources.


  • Bill Cousins – Underground Youtube Traffic Secrets that will BLOW YOUR MIND ! Boost your business with strategies you would otherwise NEVER learn…


  • AND yours truly ( I mean me lol) – Unveiling the Serious Behind The Scene Step By Step Profit Model that generates 10s of thousands of dollars using absolutely free traffic from Youtube!



This is UNSTOPPABLE TRAFFIC X and it’s the newest from “Hurricane” Dexter Paglinawan.  But that is not even the BEST part of this whole thing.



I was so honored to be a part of this whole thing that I have put together a VERY special BONUS for you guys that will be waiting on all you action takers.  It’s something…different.  I am calling it:


 the danger room2




 And it is an exclusive bonus from me for everyone who takes a shot on HUrrican’s new Unstoppable Traffic X.



Here’s what’s inside…



My Autoresponder Blackbox – First, you’re going to get 179 DFY sequenced emails ready to lock, load, and make you money.  All you need to do is plug them into your autoresponder and insert your affiliate links.  We are talking about almost a half a year’s worth of email content if you are mailing EVERY DAY!


Easy Copyrighter Software – Next, I am giving you a piece of software that actually generates thousands of ready to use headlines, intros, subject lines, and more.  This simple little tool is such a gem, I absolutely love it man.  If you are hitting a wall in your marketing and you need a launching pad, this little guy will get you up and running with quickness.


[VIDEO CASE STUDY] Fastest Way to Build A Targeted List – Third, I am giving you a personal case study that I put together showing you exactly how I put over 200 emails on a list in less than 5 days.  This is the fastest way I know how to build a list of targeted leads.


ZeroFatz’s Anatomy of a Money Email – Fourth, I am giving you a mini course that I personally put together walking you through how I put together a money making email quickly and effectively.  This is gold right here.  Anatomy of a money email.


Extreme Email Marketing – Fifth, I am throwing this excellent little resource that I have recently acquired rights to called Extreme Email Marketing.  It’s a quick read and it packs a big punch.  Most people are going to get something out of this ebook.


These 5 resources make up The DANGER ROOM and they are all yours as my special way of saying thank you for picking up Unstoppable Traffic X.


Enjoy the Danger Room and let me know if you have any questions!


Kam (aka ZeroFatz)

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