Instagram by the numbers [TRUTH]

Critical strategy by Billy Darr for Instagram

Instagram is a social platform that we all know about and yet many, including myself have been unable to harness it as a viable source of warm measurable traffic.   I started an Instagram account and built over a 150 followers in less than 12 days.  I thought that was awesome…however nobody was clicking through to my stuff.


Not awesome.


That all changes now.


But first let me tell you why you should care about harnessing this platform:


Instagram has:

  • Over 150 million active users
  • Explosive growth.  (took half the time as twitter to reach this level and 2 years less than facebook)
  • 16% of online adults with a household income greater than 75K use intagram
  • Instagram’s engagement is 15 times that of Facebook
  • Average time spent per user per month? 257 minutes
  • Number of comments per second? 1,000
  • 57% of users use intagram on a daily basis
  • 54% of all internet users post original videos and photos online (that’s exactly who instagram caters to)
  • 2.5 times more Instagram links than Vine’s are shared on Twitter

(I have more numbers to throw at you…but you get the point.  Instagram is worth your time to figure out.)


So what does all that mean?


It means traffic on your websites and money in your pocket if you master this thing.


So how do you do it?


Well Billy Darr has devised a unique strategy to solve this problem.  He has not only mastered the platform, he has created a way that will help you master it as well.


This approach is new, outside the box, and just plain works.


On a platform that is notoriously hard to master, Darr’s InstaCash Machine goes a long way to helping marketers achieve that goal.


That’s all I got for today and as always, let me know about your success on Instagram.  I want to hear about it!


Kam (aka ZeroFatz)

Author: KamFatz
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