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14 Day Quick List Building ChallengeAn Original 14 Email Newsletter on Building an Email List! 

(launching 28th of May 2022)

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We go live MAY 28th at 1:00 AM EST.

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  • FE (100% commissions) – 14 Day Quick List Building Challenge is a 14 email unbranded newsletter on the subject of email list building. Throughout the email series, 14 tasks (one a day) are given to complete in a challenge form.  This unique newsletter is a must have if you are wanting to educate your audience on list building!  It comes with a custom affiliate program black book, an instructional video on how to use the emails, a FULL PLR license, and more… 
  • OTO1 (50% commissions)This is the 14 Day Quick List Building Challenge Deluxe Media Package. It takes the original 14 email sequence and reimagines them as a 16 audio lesson set (over an hour and 15 minutes of content,) a 16 video presentation set (over an hour and 15 minutes of video content,) original slides from the video presentations, a converted Special Report version of the emails, 14 blog posts converted from the emails and a PLR license on ALL of it!
  • OTO2 (50% commissions) – This is The Email Emperor.  It’s a 4 day deep dive workshop, perfect for ANYONE who wants to get better at email marketing.  Comes with all workshop sessions, audios, mindmaps, bonuses and more!
  • OTO3 (50% commissions) – 37 pivotal audio lessons from the legendary Sean Mize.  Everything from list building, to membership creation, from coaching, to overcoming procrastination are in there.  These audios were crucial for my development as a marketer and I am really proud to have acquired rights to them so that I can offer them to you here.  These audio sessions come with a FULL Master Resale Rights license.  
  • OTO4 (50% commissions) – This is the massive GURU IN A BOX set of 100 audio IM lessons done with personality!  All taught by Kam Jennings (aka Kam Fatz) personally.  All come with a FULL PLR license.
  • OTO5 (50% commissions) – Have you ever wanted to launch products just like this one?  Ever wish you had a dedicated system to teach you simple profitable product launching?  The why, the how, the when, the where, the what?  Previously only available to a select few coaching students, now for the first time in product form.  This is The Saber Launch System! 
  • OTO6 (50% commissions) – OTO6 is the Epic Conversions Insider’s Club. It’s my monthly group coaching club. The Insiders Club offers group coaching, original monthly product releases, and DFY content packages in the IM space.

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