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Do push notifications work?

If you’re reading this you might be wondering what the heck a push notification is

It’s a great question.  Let’s take this to a dictionary level for a minute.

Push Notifications are instant, clickable messages which appear directly on your desktop/mobile device. Websites can send push notifications directly to people who’ve “opted-in” to notifications from their web browsers. The so-called “subscriber” does not need to be on your site to receive the notification. Push notifications work on both desktop and mobile.

The Dictionary 


Now, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea.  I have been a big fan of email for a long time and that is probably not going to change.  And I am resistant to change as much as the next grumpy old bastard.  However, to pretend like the world isn’t changing and you can just keep on doing what you have been doing and everything will be cool…is foolish.


We all have to keep up with what’s going on.  When a new technology comes along that is going to help us we shouldn’t be ignoring that.  So that’s why I started looking at push notifications.  I started to see a lot of blogs that I personally love using them.  And then I was asked if I would be interested in taking a look at something called ZenNotify and possibly promoting it.  So with a heavy sigh and a realization that I need to change with the times, I said let me take a look at it.  Here are the basics of what I saw:

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5 Secrets for Helping a Regular Guy Sell More Online!

At this point in time it’s safe to say I love what I do.

It’s about 2 a.m in the morning as I write this introduction and another night gone.  Another night that I didn’t make my 10 p.m. bedtime.  It’s cool though.  I like what I do and I’m building something here.  A collection of valuable information.   A resource.  A legacy.

Maybe one day my kids will read these blog posts and say…”damn, my old man was a cool bastard after all!”


But until then, I’ll let you guys use these writings for your own plans.  Make them grand!

Here are 5 things that will help you to find more success online…


5 secrets to help regular guys sell more online (2)

1. Stay Away from Negative entrepreneurs, groups, scenes etc! -

There is a type of person in the IM Game that I call an Old Timer. They think they know everything, they don’t want to learn new things, and they are average (or below average) marketers. They generally take great fun out of bringing new marketers down to their weak level.  There’s one in every scene.  Hell, I have even been one before! LOL (put away the hater-aid for real)

They never give good advice and if they try, they lack the skills to even know what they are talking about. They are good at making excuses as to why things are bad instead of learning or                    trying new things to get better.

They get jealous when a new guy knocks a “home run” and claim that other marketers are outselling them because “they got lucky!”

These guys are poison to a new guy in the IM game. Stay away from them! Avoid them like the plague!!!

5 secrets to help regular guys sell more online (3)

2. Learn to open like you’re the shit

I don’t care whether it’s an email, a facebook post, a youtube video, a blog post…whatever. That thing you say at the beginning needs to pull them in.

I’ve tried this a lot of ways.  I‘ve succeeded and failed.  I’ve been the person who starts my messages very unassuming, “just the dude trying to help” guy.  You know what that got me?  Ignored.


This is a busy place.  A quick place.  It’s a place where warriors pull swords from stones and slay dragons…and it’s also a place where nobody notices you if you can’t create separation.


One of the first ways to create separation for yourself is master the art of the opening line.


“Hi [name]” doesn’t cut it.


1995 called…they want their opening line back.  Listen, check this out.  You need to reach out and grab these bastards!  You have something bad ass to say and you need to wake them up before they hear it.


If you don’t have something cool to say then you’re not trying hard enough.  Better go back and read Offer Kings.


Sometimes that’s as simple as having a REAL opinion.  The world has become a politically correct and neutered place.  But that’s not reality…it’s not what people are really thinking.


Here are a few openers that are cool to me:


I just woke up and thought of you…creepy?  Maybe.  But you need to hear this…it might just save your life someday.


Yeah, maybe you’ll make it to a million bucks and be like the only person who never had to actually buy anything online….but most of us have to get some guidance.


I’ve never been a fan of mailing people every day.  Maybe I make more money if I do, but maybe I’m just a spamming bastard too.


I’m about to drop some knowledge on ya so put some R-E-S-P-E-C-T on my name!


I, personally, think if you put “bastard” on the end of anything it instantly becomes a little cooler.



5 secrets to help regular guys sell more online (4)

3. Live in the trenches

If you want to sell stuff to people you have to be a part of their scenes. Join a few facebook groups, maybe a forum, follow the same 10 or 15 youtube channels and build presence in their comment sections.  You have to show up every day in this game.


I don’t know any shortcuts for this one.  You can’t fake being in the trenches.  The IM space is too savvy.  They know all the tricks.  The people who are showing up everyday are always gaining advantage over people who aren’t.


My newest book, Offer Kings: 10 Ways to Re-Frame ANY Affiliate Offer and Maximize Profits was born from surveying my list and listening to what my scene is saying on facebook and youtube.



5 secrets to help regular guys sell more online (5)

4. Plan a few moves ahead

I keep telling people this is a game of chess. You need to plan a few moves ahead.  Not too many because then you’re just lying to yourself and posturing.  I don’t plan more than 12 months ahead because it’s a waste of my time.


I’m focused on attainable goals for these 12 months.  Next year I might be on to something else.  However…these 12 months…that’s a very real amount of time and you need to fill it with realistic and attainable goals.  I’ll focus on a million bucks when I am pulling in 800k.  You know what I mean?


If you’re launching a product, it’s not just about the product.  It’s also about the next 2 products and how this one is going to flow into that one and how it sets up to extend the life of your customers.


It might sound complicated man but it’s not.  It’s just a mindset shift and a different way of thinking, kind of like planning your day before you go to bed and considering that the start of your day.



5 secrets to help regular guys sell more online (6)

5. For God’s Sake, Learn how to follow up!

I just told you guys earlier that 80% of all sales are made on 5th through 12th Literally, it goes like this on average:

1st contact – 2% of sales are made

2nd contact – 3% of sales are made

3rd contact – 5% of sales are made

4th Contact – 10% of sales are made

5th though 12th Contact – 80% of sales are made


And you know me well enough by now to know that’s why I wrote a 78 page ebook that is going to teach you TEN DIFFERENT WAYS TO FOLLOW UP.  That takes you WELL INTO the 80% range.


You know I take care of ya!


Go get em!


Kam (aka ZeroFatz)

I saw a cool infographic the other day…

It was about following up with people when you are trying to sell things.


[My new book, Offer Kings is dealing with this exact thing]

Basically, Cassius Blue Consulting did a study in 2015 about how important it is to follow up and the success rate people have when doing so. SO check these results out:

• 2% of sales were made on the 1st Contact
• 3% of sales were made on the 2nd Contact
• 5% of sales were made on the 3rd Contact
• 10% of sales were made on the 4th Contact
• 80% of sales were made on 5th contact through 12 contact



Isn’t that interesting?

The majority of sales occurred on the 5th through the 12th contact.


That’s weird because a lot of people figured it would be on the first contact.
What you have to remember is nobody cares about what your saying as much as you do.  People are busy and distracted.


The bottom line on this whole thing is if you can’t get to 5 contact attempts on an offer then you are losing A LOT of money. But how the hell do you do that without being REALLY ANNOYING?
Well, the sales page of my new book, Offer Kings will teach you 2 waysand then if you like them…you can get a whole bunch more of that inside the book.


Click the image below and check it out!


That’s all I got for now!
Tomorrow I am going to tell you about how to sell people stuff when you don’t have an email list so stay tuned for that!

Kam (aka ZeroFatz)

How to get more conversions on affiliate offers | The Packard Effect

What the hell is The Packard Effect?



It’s a term that I made up to describe a certain phenomenon I was experiencing in my email marketing endeavors.


To put it really basically, what I found was that the more choices I gave my email subscribers, the lower my conversions on any one choice became.  Maybe that sounds basic to you or maybe it sounds confusing…but to me it blew my mind.

You see, marketers are always trying to get clever.  Always trying to make things more efficient and squeeze the most out of everything.


So the idea of saying to someone in an email, “Hey check this product out!” and then later in the email saying, “Hey sign up for my facebook group while you’re at it!” seems really fantastic.


Or wait…


I’m a marketer…let me get REALLY SNEAKY here.  How about if I give them instructions like:

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How Should I Do My Sales Funnel | Interview with Click Funnels Expert Jenelle Livet

Have you ever wondered how to build a successful sales funnel? Well sit down and buckle up…

Recently I sat down with someone who has been using click funnels since BEFORE it was released as a beta tester. She is the owner of and the Faster Smarter List Building youtube channel. She does a lot of behind the scenes work with click funnels and has a strong background in solo ads, welcome to the zerofatzreturns show, Jenelle Livet.

Below are a preview of the questions I asked and I tried to keep the video short so make sure to watch this quick one with Janelle.

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Lazy Profit Explosion Review and WHAT IT IS MISSING!!!

Today I am reviewing Lazy Profit Explosion by Declan MC and Simple Spencer.  What’s the promise on this one?


The promise is that this will be easy to do, generate fast results, be a hot traffic source, and produce life changing profits for you.


Pretty big promises right?  Absolutely.  Does it deliver?  Yes and no.

Lazy Profit Explosion teaches you how to do YouTube Video Advertising.  It teaches you how to target markets and set up video marketing campaigns inside google adwords.  The end result is laser targeted traffic to your offers and squeeze pages.

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how I get more views

5 Ways I get More Views on YouTube!


I’ve never been a big fan of SEO.

Ever since college and researching the nature and goals of what google founders were trying to achieve, I’ve always known that the best way to optimize your online stuff is by optimizing it for humans, not search engines.

That surprises some people when they look at my youtube channel because they see like 12,000 subscribers and somebody behind it that doesn’t care whole lot about SEO.


The next question out of their mouths is inevitably, “Well if you don’t care about SEO then how the heck are you getting views?”


And the truth is I do something that I call human psyche optimization, or HPO for short.  Now if that sounds stupid to you, that’s okay, I completely made up that term.  However, that’s what I do.  I optimize my stuff in a way that humans will respond to it.


SO your next question might be, “Okay Kam, that’s great man HPO, whatever…how do I do that?”


Well there are a lot of little things I do to achieve that but let me give you 5 really important ones right here.

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A brief introduction…


Let me start this off by quoting the United States Copyright Office:

“Copyright law does not protect names, titles, or short phrases or expressions. Even if a name, title, or short phrase is novel or distinctive or lends itself to a play on words, it cannot be protected by copyright. The U.S. Copyright Office cannot register claims to exclusive rights in brief combinations of words such as: • Names of products or services • Names of businesses, organizations, or groups (including the names of performing groups) • Pseudonyms of individuals (including pen or stage names) • Titles of works • Catchwords, catchphrases, mottoes, slogans, or short advertising expressions • Listings of ingredients, as in recipes, labels, or formulas. When a recipe or formula is accompanied by an explanation or directions, the text directions may be copyrightable, but the recipe or formula itself remains uncopyrightable.”

U.S Copyright Office 



…and a link for you



Now if you don’t live in the U.S. you should check your countries copyright laws before you start trying to just use everything.


If you live in my country (the U.S.A) then you can take what the Copyright Office said however you want to take it.  If I were you I would take it right on over to the bank.  Knowledge is power.


One brief note.  Sometimes a list of things that has been compiled is copyrightable.  The list itself can be considered a form of expression.  So if you think it would be a good idea to write a book called “X number of subject lines that can explode opt-in rates” then you’re absolutely right…however you better not pull them from the same exact source and you better change your orders around or else you will be infringing on someone else’s form of expression.



Happy hunting.


And now for the main even…

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10 reasons you suck at affiliate marketing

The 10 Reasons You Probably SUCK at Affiliate Marketing!

Affiliate Marketing? Done…Easy…BOOM!


Affiliate marketing is an easy concept.  Get a special link to a product; tell people about that product, and when they click through your link to buy that product, you make money.


Man…that seems painless.


And because of that effortless allure, many people try it.  Many people try it and many people fail at it.


They don’t fail because they are dumb, or because they are lazy.  They don’t fall short because of a lack of effort or not enough starting capitol.


The truth is many people fail at affiliate marketing because it’s a lot like chess.  It’s easy to learn the rules of the game yet difficult to master.



I want to talk to you about 10 specific things that will hold you up when you’re first getting started.  Skills that when mastered will get you to your first 1,000 dollars and beyond with affiliate marketing.
So sit back, buckle up, and let’s dig in!


what you will learn

what you will learn

What you will learn:

  • How to get started with affiliate marketing in a way that will yield the quickest and most sustainable results
  • How to niche down to a level that allows space domination and yields faster results
  • How to build a network of influencers
  • How to pre-condition prospects and pitch
  • And a whole bunch of other stuff that you are just going to have to read the article to discover!


inability to commit

inability to commit

1. Inability to Commit to a Chosen Path

The first thing that inevitably hangs people up when they decide that they want to pursue affiliate marketing is committing to just one specific area or niche.  They go all over the place grabbing affiliate links for products to promote, with no real congruence to what they are promoting.

They usually have little to no success with this strategy.

If you were a hunter, you would just run out in the woods with a gun and just shoot anything that moved.  At least…you wouldn’t do that if you wanted to really succeed.


Instead, you would pick your prey.  After that, you would adjust your equipment, your gun, where you were hunting, and several other things based on what you were hunting.  Affiliate marketing is similar in that if you want to truly succeed quickly in a sustainable way it’s smart to focus on just one area.


Be the guy who promotes email marketing and list building products.  Be the guy who promotes youtube and video marketing products.  Be the guy who promotes 5rr courses.  Don’t be the guy who tries to promote ALL of those.


Trying to be the guy who knows about all of it and promotes a little bit of everything will slow your growth in the space.  People are going to fit you somewhere, whether you want them to or not.  By trying to be and do everything you are just going to fragment your audience.  Trust me, I speak from experience.


In Affiliate Rising I talk more about the importance of picking a path and how to go about doing so for maximum efficiency.


not niching down

not niching down

2. Not Niching Down Enough

After I tell people that they should really just pick one specific area to focus on and just learn to be good at affiliate marketing in that space, they usually pick something that is too broad.


Sub-niching is a skill and an artform.  You want to pick a niche that is narrow enough that you will effectively eliminate a lot of competition and dominate the space very quickly.  At the same time you want enough people in that space that are buying things to make it worth your time.


So there is a balance.


In Affiliate Rising I talk about how to sub-niche down to just the right level and to use certain indications to check the pulse of a niche.  These techniques can be used to tell you if it’s time to niche down further or go for what you have.




Photography is a great niche.  It’s too broad.  You can go down to just Wildlife Photography,  dominate easier and still have tons of interested people.  In truth you can go down even further but that’s just an example.


not growing on a platform

not growing on a platform

3. Not Growing on a Platform

When people start out with affiliate marketing, they are like kids in a thousand candy stores.  They hop from product to product and platform to platform.  The problem with this is that you never really become established anywhere.


By choosing just one place to operate out of (especially at first) you are going to start to build relationships with other affiliate marketers and product vendors who use that platform.  The better you get at selling stuff the more relationships you are going to build.  All of these platforms keep track of how many sales you have.  You start building those numbers and trust me, people start noticing.


not promoting congruent offers

not promoting congruent offers

4. Not Promoting Congruent Offers

When you started this thing you should have picked a sub niche to operate out of, no not just to operate out of, to dominate.  Now if you are promoting offers outside of that sub-niche you are doing two things.

First, you are sending a mixed message to your audience.  You’re not just the list building guy anymore, now you’re the kindle guy, the blog guy and the sandwich guy all rolled into one.  People don’t really mind “the mr.fix everything” guy.  They like him.  He’s good to know.  He knows a lot about a lot.  But let me ask you this; If your plumbing starts leaking who do you want to fix it, your neighbor who knows a little about everything or an expert plumber?  You’re calling the plumber.  You just want it fixed right and you want the guy who just does that one thing.


Second, when you start talking about things outside that small sub-niche you set out to conquer you start fragmenting your audience.  Now you have some people who see you as the kindle guy, now you have some people who see you as the list building guy.  Fragmenting your audience means that it’s going to be less effective when you do promote offers.  Also it means that you are going to slow your growth exponentially.


And that is why it is important that you specialize.  More money, more customers, period.  There will always be time for expansion later, once you dominate that small space.  If you think I don’t know what I am talking about just take a look at how facebook and amazon got started.  One of them started out by just being a social platform to university students and the other one started out by just selling books.  They both expanded once they dominated.


not networking

not networking

5. Not building a Network

I started into the world of internet marketing from the land of YouTube and for a while man, I was a real island.  I wasn’t networking with any other youtubers, product creators, OR affiliate marketers.


Can you grow by not networking?  Of course.  As long as you are building an audience of engaged people who care about what you have to say you can grow.


The fact is you will grow 10 times as fast by building a network of these 3 kinds of people that can help you promote your stuff.


not mastering pre-framing

not mastering pre-framing

6. Not Mastering Pre-Conditioning

Just running around sprinkling affiliate links everywhere like Johnny “Affiliate Seed” is not going to work man.  You’re going to get little to no results that way.


You’re going to have to master the art of pre-conditioning your audience.  I could write an entire book about ways to do this but if I am going to boil it down to just one simple phrase that works it would be, “teach them something for free and do it in an entertaining way.”

Master that, and you will get more sales.


not mastering the pitch

not mastering the pitch

7. Not Mastering the Pitch

Now we talked about pre-conditioning but that doesn’t do it by itself.  After you teach them something in an entertaining way you now have to actually sell them something that will hopefully help them even more than what you just taught them did.


Again, mastering the pitch…you could write an entire book about it.  However, if I had to sum up the pitch in just one simple phrase it would be, “connect the dots for them and tell them what to do next.”


What does that mean?  Emphasize the benefit of the product not the feature and then tell them you want them to buy it.


Pre-conditioning and Pitching is something that is featured inside Affiliate Rising, and if you want to learn more about these critical skills that you WILL need to succeed, that is a great place to start.


not committing to one traffic source

not committing to one traffic source

8. Not Committing to Mastering One Traffic Source

People always think that it comes down to traffic.  They are right to some degree, but I have found that in this place, it never comes down to just one thing.

Traffic is essentially people, and people are dynamic.  They all have their own hopes, dreams, and desires.  It’s up to you to figure out what those hopes, dreams, and desires are for the people who care about your sub-niche.

Then after you figure that out, you go find them in just ONE place.  That could be facebook, it could be youtube, it could be paid traffic from bing ads.  It could be a lot of places but just pick one, and master driving traffic from that source.  The sooner you master it, the sooner you will start seeing results.

There are a ton of different ways to get people to your offers and most of them work, but they only work when you master them.  If you jump from strategy to strategy, place to place, you’ll never master any of them and you will continue to be frustrated and unsuccessful.




9. Obscurity

There are a lot of people trying to get attention online in ALL spaces.  That means a lot of white noise for the people who you want to be interested in what you have to say and what you have to sell.  Also it means you are going to start in the depths of a slow burning obscurity.  No one will care what you say.

How do you overcome this?  You have to find a way to NOT copy other people exactly.  It’s cool to look at what someone is doing who is successful and try to understand why it works.  Then take that “why it works” factor and find a way to do that in your own way.  A new way that has your unique stamp on it.


Being different from other things that are in your space is a very good way to stand out and break through the white noise.  It’s not just a good idea either.  This is critical if you want to succeed.  You have to get people’s attention and to do that you need to find your own unique style.


lack of engagement

lack of engagement

10. Lack of Audience Engagement

When you put things out there, whether that is a blog post, a facebook post, a youtube video, an email…anything…you want people engaged in that.  You want them liking it, commenting on it, interested in it.  If nobody cares what you are doing then you are going to find yourself back in the depths of obscurity and what that equals is a whole lot of no money in your bank account when you promote offers and a whole lot of wasted time because nobody is watching.


So how do you keep people engaged?  Well if I was going to sum it up in a simple little phrase, it would go like this, “Go right when everyone thinks you’re going to go left, go left when everyone else is going right, and always ask people how they are doing.”


In Summary

So there they are, my top 10 obstacles you need to overcome to make your first 1,000 bucks with affiliate marketing:

  1. Inability to Commit to a Chosen Path
  2. Not Niching Down Enough
  3. Not Growing on a Platform
  4. Not Promoting Congruent Offers
  5. Not building a Network
  6. Not Mastering Pre-Conditioning
  7. Not Mastering the Pitch
  8. Not Committing to Mastering One Traffic Source
  9. Obscurity
  10. Lack of Audience engagement


But this isn’t just a blog post.  It’s also a sales page of sorts.  Remember how I told you that when people think you’re going to go left, you go right?  This is me doing that.  Remember when I told you it’s important to find your own unique way to apply proven strategy?  This is me showing you.  I don’t just write about this stuff, I live it.  Every single day.


If you want to make it here you have to show up…every…single…day.  It’s not a movie.


I put together Affiliate Rising as a beginner’s level affiliate marketing course.  It’s going to teach you the right way to get into this business.  So if you have enjoyed this article and are brand new to affiliate marketing, or if you have tried and failed at affiliate marketing in the past, I suggest you make the small investment in this course.



Hi, I’m Affiliate Rising.  I came to help!


It’s going to save you time, it’s going to reduce your learning curve severely, and it’s going to help you get to your first thousand bucks and beyond with affiliate marketing.


My name’s Kam Jennings, some people call me ZeroFatz, and that’s all I got!


I’ll see you in the next one!




How a 500 Pound Man Sells a Weight Loss Product in 5 Steps (or The Houdini Device)

“Someone needs to tell those tales. When the battles are fought and won and lost, when the pirates find their treasures and the dragons eat their foes for breakfast with a nice cup of Lapsang souchong, someone needs to tell their bits of overlapping narrative. There’s magic in that.”   -Erin Morgenstern, The Night Circus



So there’s this guy.  We can call him Jim.  He is bald, fat, and some might even say lacking in the personal hygiene department…probably not to his face though (bastards).


Now Jim is an ambitious man.  He is striving to be an affiliate marketer in the weight loss space.



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